Making May Count

I've been in a complete and total nutritional rut for MONTHS. Like I mean, I feel like a turtle on her back.


I KNOW what I'm supposed to eat. I know. I'm pretty well educated on the subject. I help others get on the right path to healthy eating...but for some reason, when things get stressful, when my anxiety flares up like a fire in my chest, I turn to food. I'm sure that's what our society does as a whole now, but I know better.

I've been struggling with anxiety for a couple of years now. I try to manage it with exercise and healthy eating, but it does tend to get the best of me some days. I've had a panic attack WHILE exercising. Talk about ironic. Anyway, it's something I want to take control of. And the way to do that is to take care of myself. That's what I'm going to do.

May seems like the perfect month (even though it's birthday month for several family members), because really, it starts on a Monday...How could it get much better than that?!

I've made a COMMITMENT to hit my nutritional goals DAILY, to do the first 31 days of PiYo, and begin to run again by running 3 days a week.

Today, May 1st, has gone well. I did my workout this morning, PiYo Lower Body, and my eating has been excellent. I drank a ton of water. Maybe too much. And I'm planning on going to bed early.

I've taken my measurements, weight, and my 'goodbye' photos.

I'm ready!