Weigh in Wednesday

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Ok so this week has been just kind of meh. I have been doing my workouts pretty faithfully but my eating has been less than great. Story of my life really. Either one is good or the other. Not both. 

Casey and I went away on Friday for my MRI, to pick up my mom, and then we stayed away for the night since it's the last chance we will get for a while. Lobster fishing starts today so he's going to be super busy buying/storing/selling lobsters until basically Christmas. 

We ended up getting some sushi for lunch on Friday. That may have been a bad idea. I felt so bloated after that, my hands and feet felt swollen. Too much salt for me. 

Anyway. We went shopping for a bit andr then checked into our room. We got dressed up and went out to Thandis for dinner. It was Chop Chop week in Saint John so all the uptown restaurants were serving special meals. Mine was a shrimp curry and it was WAY too spicy for me. I love curry but not that spicy. It didn't even say it was hot on the menu. Oh well. It was fun to go out together. 

I got back on track on Sunday. We didn't get home until Saturday night so yeah. I am happy that I jumped right back on track instead of being bad for days on end. 

After the weekend trip I was over 171. I am down to 167 so I'm still working on getting rid of some salt. Not too bad though! I'll take it since it's our last trip away together.

How was your week?


  1. Do you get to enjoy any of the lobster Casey gets?

  2. Sounds like we are MRI twins this week. I had mine last night and am ready to get the results tomorrow. I hope yours went well :)

  3. Hi - Are you still hosting WIW? IF not, can you let me know who is? Thanks!


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