Weigh in Wednesday

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Weigh-in Wednesday!

Harper Cat and the Crazy Cat Lady
I can't say that this has been my best week. I let my mental exhaustion and emotions get in the way of my progress. I honestly didn't even have an excuse other than that. I just didn't get it done. Then, on halloween we went totally bananas with the candy and I didn't even try to stop myself. 

Our friend at work.
Anyway. I finally got my head back on straight come Monday morning. I am mostly happy to report that I only had a 0.6 lb gain after my 4 day laziness. Putting me at 165.4. It didn't look good on the scale on Monday but I knew it was a lot of salt and I hit the water pretty hard and it came down fine. 
As for workouts, well, I got Thursday and Friday in just fine. Saturday and Sunday were write offs. Monday I went to go to hockey and realized I had misplaced my hockey pants, so that didn't go well. 
Yesterday I did my PiYo workout in the morning and then went to bootcamp in the evening. 
Glad to be back on track! 
How was your week?


  1. LOL @ Ratus Demonicus. I gained this week but then again I've only been doing SHF Tues/Thurs/Sat and no cardio/yoga on the other days. I just haven't felt like doing them for one reason or another.


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