Weigh in Wednesday

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Weigh-in Wednesday!

After an amazing weekend in Florida, I'm happy to report I only gained 2.4 lbs, putting me at 168.2. That's pretty great if you ask me, seeing as we ate whatever, whenever. We had ice cream every single day. It was an awesome vacation. I'll write about it soon, I promise. 

I didn't get any official exercise while on vacation, but we got 28 000 steps on Saturday and 38 000 steps on Sunday. Not bad, eh? I was so tired on Sunday  night, that I could barely drag my feet around the park. 

Not that the steps would ever make up for what we ate, but it can't have hurt. My feet are still sore! 

Here's a helpful hint. If the nachos you're ordering are 15$, they're probably huge. Look around at what other people have first. I learned the hard way. Those nachos were massive. I ate a lot of them, but not even half I wouldn't say. Casey helped.

Monstrous Nachos
PS. I was soaking wet in that photo. We did the two water rides and I got absolutely soaked. Had to go back to the hotel and change after we ate, as I didn't dry off at all. 

All in all, we had an amazing vacation. Casey asked me what my goal was to gain for the trip. I told him 10 lbs, that way I wouldn't be disappointed either way. Haha. 

My next challenge group for the 21 Day Fix started today, so I'm super excited about that. Last month's group went REALLY well for everyone. So proud of my challengers! 

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  1. Glad you had such a fantastic vacation :) And only a 2.4 pound gain - awesome! Can't wait to hear the vacation details. Truthfully, if I had seen those massive nachos on someone else's table I probably would ordered them anyway...so delish looking.

  2. LOL those nachos look like they weighed the 10 lbs you planned to gain!

  3. That sounds like a great vacation! Ice cream every day should absolutely be part of every vacation :)

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