Weigh in Wednesday & Excitement!

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Ok, so it's no secret that I've been struggling lately. I have lacked consistency. I have not been eating well and I didn't seem to be able to dig myself out of the spiral that was leading to slow and terrifying weight gain. 

Last week I recommitted. I want to live a consistent healthy lifestyle. I want to lose the last of my weight. I want to be fit and healthy, and feel good. 

I started it off with a Shakeology Cleanse. I did it over the weekend, and I'm so glad I did. I've never done a cleanse of any kind before, so it was all very new to me. If you've never heard of this cleanse, it's basically 3 Shakeology servings, plus 2 servings of fruit at various times thorough the day, plus one healthy meal like a salad with lean protein. 

I modified a bit. I was working all night Friday night, so I cheated a tiny bit and had coffee. Instead of having a salad, I had squash, broccoli and chicken. 

Overall I felt really good. I wasn't starving and I seemed to have plenty to eat. I did my a couple of PiYo workouts and went to hockey as well. I seemed to have lots of energy and felt fine. 

The result of my 3 days of discipline was a 4.8 pound loss. I'm really happy with that, now I'm just trying to stay on the 21 Day Fix meal plan and keep losing. 

I started the cleanse out at 168.8 and I was down to 164 on Monday morning. My normal weigh in is Tuesday morning, and I was 164.4. 

At the same time I recommitted to my eating plan, I committed to finishing PiYo. I'm currently on day 6, and going strong. I know I'll mess up and it won't be perfect but I'm going to get it done! 

So why am I so excited? If you don't follow my Facebook, you won't know, but I got my invite off of the waitlist for the 2015 Beachbody Success Club Cruise! I found a friend to go with and I've put down the deposit, and booked flights! It's happening!! THAT'S why I'm excited! 

I don't think there could be a much bigger motivator to get the last bit of weight off than the chance of meeting the people who create the videos I work out to. I really hope I can meet Chalene Johnson! She's my soulmate trainer. I LOVE her! 

So! Don't forget to link up! Can't wait to read about everyone's progress!


  1. Yay! The cruise sounds very exciting - great motivation :)

    1. Yes it is! And motivation to be good while on the cruise. Can't eat too much ice cream with tony Horton breathing down your neck.

  2. Congrats on getting to go on the cruise!


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