Weigh in Wednesday

Ahhhhhh!!! Sorry everyone! It's been kind of a crazy (abnormally so) day! If you saw my Facebook status,  you'll know that our fire alarm kept going off last night, for no apparent reason. It makes for a really restless night when your alarm beeps at you and says "Warning! Fire!" We checked everywhere and there was no sign of smoke or fire, and we have no sources of CO, which I think it probably would have distinguished the difference.

Today I was in a rush to get Harper to daycare and off to the hospital for a day of Acute Medical Simulations. It was a good day, but I was all the while aware in the back of my mind that my blog post had not gone live, and my challenge group posts weren't up. However, the plastic man with the pretend chainsaw wound to his leg was more important...that and there is almost no cell service in the hospital, so I couldn't have done much from there anyway.

Soooo! Grab a button, and hopefully it's not too late for everyone to link up!
I've been doing fantastic on this round of the 21 Day Fix. My whole team has been doing well. I'm very pleased with all of them and how much they have done! 

This week I lost 3.6 pounds! That's awesome for me. Placed me right at 166 even. Very decent loss for week one. Looking forward to week two!

This week I'd like to be more consistent with exercise...There were several days where I was literally just too busy to do it until late at night, which I don't like to do, since it means I can't sleep.

Casey and I did finish T25 Alpha round, finally...it only took us 8ish weeks. Yikes. But hey, better late than never. We did get gastro, travelled (a lot), and had visitors during the time. We did our best.

Just a heads up! I'm hosting another 21 Day Fix challenge group, starting October 7th, if anyone wants in on that! 

How was your week?? 


  1. LOL plastic man with a chainsaw wound? I think that would be scary looking after no sleep! Great loss this week too!


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