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This week has been really quick. I worked a night on Thursday, so that means slept Friday. Though I was able to finish a project I've been working on for the house! Re painted this cute little table!

Saturday was a cleaning kind of day, but Casey and I did go out for dinner and then went to play mini golf after. Love the brown eyed Susans on the mini golf!

Sunday I worked a busy 12 hour day shift. I tried to go to bed early but I was up a lot during the night. Thank goodness for coffee!

Monday I took Harper for a walk on the boardwalk, where we almost made it to the actual boards before she had a meltdown and cried the entire walk back to the car.

I played around with my Silhouette Cameo, and finally successfully printed some stickers for my Life Planner! Things got a little out of hand, but I am totally prepared for the coming month. Win.

 That's all she wrote for this week!

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  1. What a fun planner!! Love how customized and organized it is!!

    1. Thanks! I customized it with washi and stickers. It's fun!

  2. <----- planner envy! I recently bought a new planner, now I just need to put it into action. :D


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