Island Life

I've been pretty busy lately, and have been neglecting my blog lately! I think everyone does that during the summer months, but I don't have much excuse, as it's been foggy here for like 2 weeks.

I realized this week that I haven't been really enjoying my summer. Like I said it's been foggy and not really fit to go outside. However, I'm starting to go stir crazy, so I needed to get out. I took Harper to pick blueberries one morning. She loved it.

We went kayaking on Monday night. It was a beautiful evening, so calm on the water!

We had a pretty fun filled day on Tuesday. I took Harper to the little farm here on the island, and we saw the Alpacas, goats, sheep, and donkey. She got herself head butted by the goat, which I tried very hard not to laugh at. We spent the afternoon after nap time at the park. 

Then I went for a run. I got a bug in my eyeball. It wasn't fun. However, the run went well, and the fog was kind of cool looking!

Not much else going on around here! Just trying to keep up with housework and work!