Island Life: Weekly Recep

I can't even believe that I'm writing another recap post, I swear I just finished the last one. This week has been a crazy whirlwind, and it's not going to slow down, as far as I can tell!

Monday I decided to start doing PiYo, because I want to run now that the weather is good, so we'll see if I can stick with that! It didn't make sense to be doing Furbofire plus more cardio on top.

Harper wanted to do PiYo with mama. 

Tuesday I worked the night shift. No fun.

Wednesday I slept (some) after working all night. I didn't sleep well, but I think it's because there is so much to be done!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were devoted to packing, moving, and putting furniture together. Let me tell you, putting furniture together is no joke. I was so sore Saturday night from working away at it all day, but still somehow managed to go running with a friend.

My fingers still hurt from assembling this. 
I also got a haircut Friday. A much needed one. I couldn't see past my bangs.


Sunday Casey and I went to the city to pick up some stuff for the house. We got curtains, bedding, towels, bathroom things, and a ton of other things.

I'll be so glad when we get up into the new house, then I can devote my time to unpacking and organizing. I am very excited! I tried not to think about it for SO long, basically put off everything until just recently. Now I'm over excited, and it's making it really painful to wait! I'm not a patient person. Surprise surprise.


  1. Love your little workout partner and new haircut!

  2. I'm excited to see pictures of the new house once you are all settled!

  3. Aww your sweet baby has her mama's gorgeous eyes! Looking forward to the big house reveal :!


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