Island Life: Weekly Recap

I feel like I missed half of this week, because I worked nights on Thursday and Friday, but it's not as bad as it feels like. We still did a ton!

Monday we went for a hike at the Anchorage park, and then played on the playground there. We also celebrated uncle Colby's birthday at suppertime, having many yummy things to eat.

Tuesday we celebrated Great Gramp Hudson's birthday party. More yummy foods.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I worked. Saturday I did my best to recover from nights, and I was up around 12:30 but I still felt like a bump on a log. I picked up some plants at the nursery here and got them planted in boxes on the deck. Duska got me out for a run in the evening, but I struggled. Thankfully she had mercy on me and didn't make me go 30 mins straight ;-)

Sunday I had my mom and aunt Delores over for lunch. She only comes down to the island about once a year, so it was nice to have her over. We took Harper out for ice cream after supper. Clearly she didn't like it.


  1. One of my favorite pictures of Oliver is with his first ice cream cone. :) There's just something magical about ice cream.


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