Hangry {Weigh in Wednesday}

Its time for Weigh in Wednesday again!

I feel like my life has been a total mad house lately. I haven't stopped for much this last week. It has made the week fly by, which is great because I'm pretty sure we're moving into the new house this weekend, but not great because AHHHH I AM MOVING THIS WEEKEND! 

I've tried really hard this week (other than the cookies that I had) to do well with my eating. I can't really say I did badly, because I don't feel like I did. I had some cookies, but I gave all but like 15 to the carpentry crew that is up at the new house, so there weren't that many to eat anyway. I've been so tired at night that I'm ready for bed and don't really have the time or energy to stay up and munch on things (except right now, as I write this blog post). 

I had a really good trip to the city on Sunday. I have a really bad mindset that whenever I go to the city, I should be allowed to eat whatever I want, because I don't get the chance to very often. That usually leads to a close to 5000 calorie binge day, which isn't good for the weight loss. At all. Anyway, this time I was determined to be good, and have ONE treat. And that's what I did! I was able to walk away from the baked things at Tim Hortons, and walk away with a cafe mocha (which I only had like 1/3 of because I found it too sweet). We went to Swiss Chalet and I had a salad (Sweet Heat) which was really yummy! Plus like 4 glasses of water because it was so spicy. Then we had a Dairy Queen Blizzard. That's all I had for the day. It was like 1700 cals, and didn't ruin me. A normal trip for me would be to get a doughnut at Tims, possibly pasta at East Side Marios for lunch, and then get a Blizzard on top of that, then nachos on the ferry. Bad bad bad. So this trip was a huge success if you think of it that way! 

I've been sort of trying to stick to the 21 Day Fix plan, but it's been hard because I haven't had much time to prep food. I've been doing everything I can though, and have food made for work this week, which is really good. 

I have been able to fit in my workouts though, which I'm quite proud of. I have done PiYo all week, plus I tried out a T25 workout on Beachbody on Demand, and have run twice and walked once. PLUS put together all our new furniture on Saturday. Not bad for being super busy! I only had one day this week that I didn't get to 10 000 (usually 15 000) steps on my Fitbit! 

The only thing about being so busy all week is that I'm so hungry! I'm trying to feed myself good, nourishing food, and not junk (which I've done quite well at), but I feel like the sheer volume of food that has taken to get me out of the 'Hangry' state is rather frightening. 

I've watched the scale go up and up and up all week, and I've been blaming it on the hangry state I've been in. I've got an excuse for everything it seems. I will be glad to get settled into the new house so I can get focused on my progress!

Somehow I've managed to maintain my weight at 165 this week. No idea how, but I'm happy for it.


  1. Good luck with the upcoming move! Hope it goes smoothly for you guys!

  2. Doing better on a trip into the city is definitely a win! It's all about improving. And way to maintain during a stressful time!

  3. Yay for maintaining, you should be proud!! You guys have an East Side Marios up there?! We used to have one down here when I was growing up and I remember it being SO good but they closed it... I would totally still go there if they were open, loved it! Good luck with the move... that's SO exciting! Stressful and exhausting, I know... but still so exciting!!

  4. Good luck with moving! I love settling into a new house, even with all of the stress. :) Maintenance is definitely a victory in those circumstances!

  5. OK, your goal for this weekend is to eat nutritiously. Don't worry about exercising since you'll be busy moving. That's a workout in itself!

  6. Hooray for moving!!!! Cannot wait to see the new house photos. :)


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