Island Life: Weekly Recap

I haven't worked much this week, but I swear it has been so busy! My To-Do List seems to just get longer and longer, and never shorter, even though I'm always checking things off of it. Time is winding down until when we move into our new house, and with that comes a lot of little things that need doing, like choosing nobs and finding faucets that fit the vanity properly, and of course, the ever annoying, BLINDS. I swear, they are the hardest thing to choose, and fit properly. Especially when you have to do it on this island, where there is only one place to pick from, or online, which is nearly impossible, because all the sites want to do an 'in home consultation' with you but I can guarantee they don't want to come here.

I got off work Monday morning, and slept (hardly). I did get some housework done, and that's about it. 
Smile for egg salad!

Tuesday Casey and I took the big box truck to the mainland on the first ferry. We drove all the way to Moncton, got a fine at the weigh station for some stupid paperwork problem, and picked up our furniture. We bought it in November, but had no where to put it until now, so it's been sitting in the warehouse up there. We bought toilets and a couple other things for the new house too. 

We drove back to Saint John and picked up our countertop and table as well. We made it back on the late ferry, which made it a loooong day. At least it's all done though! 

On the road.

Wednesday we finalized our pick for a backsplash (finally). It's taken me FOREVER to choose, but it's done and ordered! I even got to have coffee with Megan, for the first time in AGES! 

Thursday was kind of crazy! Here's what happened. I thought we had a mouse in the wall. I kept hearing it and thinking that it would be fine, since we had a trap set. Anyway, it got really loud Thursday afternoon, and I thought that it was crazy for a mouse to make that much noise. So I went to investigate the source of the noise, which was the vent from the old chimney, which is behind our fridge. I shined my flashlight in there and found it was a BIRD! I closed all the doors and locked up the cats, and opened the vent. A couple minutes later, the bird came out and flew behind the washer and dryer. I moved those and threw a towel over it, and caught it. It ended up being an American Kestrel. A type of falcon. In my kitchen! Crazy! Anyway, we let him go, which I'm sure he was happy about because I'd been hearing the noise for a full 24 hours. I'm sure he was hungry, and mad. 

American Kestrel in my kitchen.
Friday was pretty uneventful (thankfully!) and I got lots of my book read, and shopped around for a couple pieces of furniture we need for the house. Not a whole lot else. 

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Saturday we went to the community market for lunch and went to order a couple things for the house, and run errands. Not very exciting but had to be done. 

Sunday was a 12 hour work day for me! We had Harper checked by the doctor again, because her symptoms came back, and her ears are still red. He diagnosed her with an ear infection (again) and bronchitis. I'll be glad to be clear of this crap!

How was your week?