Island Life: Weekly Recap

I set my intentions on doing this post every week a whole ago but it seems like there wasn't much point for a lot of the weeks because there is absolutely nothing to do on Grand Manan during the winter months. I think maybe it'll be more worth the effort during the spring, summer, and autumn. Especially with our big move coming up soon!

I think that since the last time I posted a weekly recap, I was able to move into my 0.5 part time position at work. So that's been wonderful! I work a lot of 12 hour shifts so that eats up my hours pretty fast. I only work 2-3 12 hour shifts every 2 week period. I do pick up some, but not a ton. Ideally I pick up to a 0.7 hours which is an extra 8 or 12 hour shift. Not too shabby! I feel like I get a ton of time with Harper now, which is great! I also get a lot more time to work on my coaching business! 

I meant to have this post done yesterday, but Harper is sick and not cooperating very well.

This week I worked a couple of days and then on Thursday we packed up and took the 3 o'clock ferry and drove to Saint John. We had dinner at East Side Mario's. Harper doesn't get out to public places much, but she did pretty well. After dinner, we took Harper back to the hotel room so she could go to bed. I went out and looked around at a couple stores and even picked up a new book: It Starts With Food. Not a book I ever thought I'd read, but it's happening! We're also in the market for several things for our house, so I went scoping around for those things.

Friday we got up and had breakfast at the hotel, and then caught the Digby ferry, where Brian picked us up. We drove to Yarmouth and hung out at Brian and Erin's house. We got to meet their baby Alexis for the fist time too. She's only 4 months old (born on my birthday ;) ) It's crazy how much you forget about babies that small, in just a couple years!

We made a nest on the Digby Ferry.
Trent and Shannon arrived after supper and we all hung out until it was time for the babies to go to bed. That night we played a new game, called Dominion, which was really fun and pretty easy to learn. I won 3 games over the weekend. It went much better than the time I tried to learn how to play Munchkin. Haha.
Smart girl brushes teeth.

Harper developed a fever that night and didn't sleep very well at all. Since we were all in the same room, we didn't sleep very well either.

Mario Cart 64! 
On Saturday, Shannon, Erin and I went to a book fair that wasn't really a book fair (more like an early childhood educator fair) and then to a market type thing with lots of vendors at it. It was nice to get out without kids! I had an awkward stare down with the Passion Party lady because I was trying to figure out what she was selling at her table and then she asked if I knew what a Passion Party was. I said yes, and ran away. Haha.
Cards Against Humanity. Hilarious.

We had the guys favourite Panzarotties for supper, which were good but so unhealthy and made everyone stink like garlic and farts. We basically hung out all evening and played games (including Mario Cart 64! WHAT! and even a little Super Smash Bros! NERD *Cough*). We played Cards Against Humanity and laughed so hard our faces hurt, and another round of Dominion.

Dominion and Trent.

Harper didn't sleep well again. She actually slept with us some, which she's never done ever. I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret that. Oh well.

Harper and Lexie :)
Sunday we had breakfast and attempted to nap Harper around 11:30 but that was a major fail. We left for Digby at 1:30 and had a late lunch at Dairy Queen, where I had to convince my child that her ice cream was indeed ice cream as well as everyone else's. Did I mention she didn't eat all weekend?? The ferry left at 4 and Harper had only napped about 45 mins all day. It was a long ferry ride. She slept some on Casey, but wouldn't lay down for the life of her.

Don't move. Don't breathe. Don't let the lady 3 seats down cough either.

Once we got to the other side, we hoped she'd sleep in the car on the way to our ferry. Nope. This ferry ride was half the time of the first, but seemed infinitely longer, at 10 at night with a non napped toddler. Then she was up about every 2 hours all night, hacking and coughing after that. Not fun.

Overall though, we had a great weekend and it was nice to spend time with our friends that we only get to see a couple times a year. It was also nice to meet their sweet little girl. I have to say though, I need a vacation from our trip (or maybe from our toddler?) Haha! Zzzzz...


  1. I'm going to look up this Dominion game! Board games with friends are pretty much my favourite thing. :)

    1. It was kind of intimidating at first, but after playing a round, it was so easy! I hope you like it!

  2. Poor little one! Hope Harper is doing better now.

    And I love both Dominion and Cards Against Humanity!

    1. I'd never even heard of Dominion until this weekend. It's great! Harper is working on it. I'm hoping the antibiotics kick in for tonight!


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