How to Choose Paint Colours for Your New Home.

How to choose paint colours for your new home in 5 easy steps.

{ONE} Create a Pinterest Board 

Actually, make a bunch of them. One for each room! You can add ideas for favourite colour schemes to each one before you even know you're building a house! 

Obviously when you go back to the pin board, one will just jump out at you as your absolute favourite and you'll choose that colour scheme. Duh. Who cares if you pinned that in 2012 and those colours are 3 years out of style? 

You can read tons of articles from top designers about choosing paint colours, and even how to use the colour wheel. Which you didn't even know what that was until now. 

Something Pinterest does that is rather helpful is not telling you what brand of paint it is. Then you can take your cell phone to the store and try to match the colour on the screen to a paint swatch. 

{TWO} Set the Mood. 

What do you want the room to feel like? Calming? Energetic? Warm? 

Do you picture you and your toddler snuggling and reading books together every night, after her relaxing bath with lavender mineral oil? Or are you a realist and see yourself fighting with your child every single day of life that yes you have to wear PJs to bed, no brushing your teeth is not optional, and no more water, you've had enough to sink the titanic?

Maybe choose a calming colour for that room. If you can figure out what that means. 

{THREE} Horde a Bunch of Paint Swatches

Pointer: get a babysitter for this one. If not, you'll have to choose colours while attempting to stop your child(ren) from setting spray paint ablaze. 

So, baby free and armed with your favourite pin (or at least your top 35 pins) head to the paint section of your local hardware store.

As you gaze up at the selection of paint that all basically looks the same, don't panic. Well, that's what I did, but I don't recommend doing that. 

Take about 6 dozen paint swatches. Make sure you don't have 4 of the exact same swatch. Free to stick them back in any ole slot, that's what everyone else does. 

Take the paint swatches home. 

{FOUR} Pick 3 Top Contenders for Each Room. 

Seriously, how are you supposed to pick a favourite purple?? They're all beautiful and purple! 

You should probably consult your significant other at some point. He quite obviously wants to sit down at the kitchen table and look at 15 different shades of seafoam. 

Cut them out of the swatch and stick them to a piece of paper, labelling them by room. 

Not even our final choices, haha! 

{FIVE} Check Your Lighting

Take your papers with your top picks to your new house that you will be painting. View the paint swatches in the rooms you want to paint. How does it look in the lighting? Washed out or fluorescent? Dark and cave-like? Yeah that happened to me too. If so, return to step three and repeat until you just give up and paint your whole house white. 

There you have it! How to choose paint colours for your home in 5 easy steps! 


  1. You make me laugh :) My name is Anna and I horde paint swatches. Love the colors you chose.

    1. Haha thanks! They have changed like 3 times since then!


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