Focus {Weigh in Wednesday}

Lately, I feel like my mind has been in a hundred different places, and totally unfocused. I've been trying to do so many different things lately, and then I decided on Monday to attempt to potty train Harper. That basically took all my time the last 2 days, and I haven't been able to do much else. It's been extremely unsuccessful so far. I feel like she isn't ready at all.

I started off last week with really good intentions. I was going to organize myself and do another round of the 21 Day Fix, which I was then going to just continue indefinitely. In case you didn't know, you actually CAN do that with the 21 Day Fix. That didn't happen though. I have a ton of excuses, which I'll tell you about, but really the reason is that I didn't have enough gumption to give it my all.

Casey and I celebrated Valentines day on the 13th after work. We watched a movie and ate junk food. He worked all evening on Valentines day, so this was a good plan. He was a total amazing husband though, and made me breakfast though! Eggs Benedict Casserole! Pretty good too! I'm a lucky lady.

Then came the snowpocolypse. Another one, at least. We got another couple feet of snow, to add to the few feet we already had. It was a complete blizzard and we were totally storm stayed. We spent Sunday at Casey's parents house, which is right next door. Though, I didn't eat terribly on Sunday, thanks to Sable. She had the strength to not eat the Costco muffins and cinnamon rolls that we were storm stayed all day with, and I decided I should do the same. That night when we got home, I decided I would make myself a mug cake. I had never done it before, but seen it done many times. It was a yummy little treat and sort of perfect, because it gave me ONE portion of chocolate fix, and that's all I needed. Normally, if I made a whole pan of something I would never be able to restrict myself to one portion. I think I'll have to do that more often, if I'm really feeling like a treat!
Oh good, another Blizzard.

Monday was my day to get my act together. My wonderful 21 Day Fix group agreed that they needed a fresh start too, so we all restarted together. I did have my eating together very nicely. I didn't get my workout in, because I had a headache from the minute I opened my eyes. Harper was up 6 times in the night Sunday night, and I was in desperate need of sleep.

Tuesday was much better, and I was able to do my workout. I ate well and drank my water. All in all a great day.

So, how did I do this week? I lost 1.8 pounds miraculously!

Height: 5'3"
Last Week: 163.4
This Week: 161.6
Change: -1.8 Pounds
Total Loss: 48.4 Pounds

I'm aiming to focus and stick with my 21 Day Fix program for this week. I'm planning on a couple of treats, but I'm going to really work on not binging at night! 

Weigh In Wednesday


  1. Well done! Bo about all the extra snow though. I've had enough of winter :/

  2. Hurray for the loss! Yeah, with that much snow keeping my inside I am not sure I could have resisted the muffins! Mug cake sounds like a great idea - I will definitely check that out.

  3. Mug cakes are the way to go if you are craving brownies or cake. I'm like you. Just can't stop.

  4. I've heard a little about the 21day fix but not much. What's it about? Congrats on not eating the costco muffins. Those things are ridiculous! I love mug cakes too! Just the right size. If you'd like to say hi and tell me about the 21day fix, please email me at Thanks and congrats on the weight loss!


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