Goals for 2015

Although we're already a couple of days into 2015, I need to write out my goals for the year.

Honestly, I'm really hoping for a better year, emotionally. I realize that all of the crazy things that happened were totally out of my hands, but they still effect you emotionally, and sometimes I have a hard time dealing with things that way. I always just put my head down and make it through, but you can't stop your heart from aching a bit.

The other day, I posted a recap of my goals for 2014. I would say I did decently in achieving them, the big one being that I surpassed my weight loss goal. I'm pretty stoked about this, and I really want to continue on toward my goals this year. So, here they are.

- Have more patience.
- Learn to let myself be emotional.
- Be present for Harper, and have fun with her.
- Finish last year's cross stitch.
- Plan ahead and be organized.
- Read more.
-Spend more time with Casey.

- Become an excellent documenter.
- Be prompt.
- Help 5 people change their lifestyle with coaching.

- Lose 20 pounds.
- Run a 5K.
- Hold a plank for a minute.
- Floss!
- Go to bed earlier.
-Learn to be an early riser.


  1. Great goals Winter! Going to make some for myself !

  2. Thank you! Good luck with your goals!


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