Cheating Yourself

I'm 5 days in to the 21 Day Fix, and today I did the Cardio Fix workout. I was inspired a bit by Autumn, by what she said at one point during the workout.

The only person you're cheating is yourself.

I've heard that quote before, but this time it hit home. Hard.

I chose to begin the program just before a set of shifts, two of which were nights. Nights have always been hard for me. Not only just the nights, but I've developed a bad habit of binging on junk food prior to going to bed before my first night. No wonder I don't sleep well. I normally pick at things all night long, most of which would be sweets.

These two nights, being my day 2 and 3 on plan, I had all planned out. Let me just tell you, at 3 AM, I wasn't really feeling snap peas and greek yogurt dip. I wanted the cookies, chocolates, and trifle that were in the kitchen. I was strong though, and I didn't cheat. I wanted to. So badly.

The other night, I even had a dream that I was eating chocolate, and I knew I was cheating but I didn't care. Thankfully that was just a dream!

Then, I heard Autumn say that.

It made me feel so much better.

Yes, I do want chocolate. But you know what? I also want to wear the bikini I bought on my cruise, which departs on January 23rd. I can't have both. Not if I want major results. I've never worn a bikini before, so this will be interesting, to say the least.

Do I want to cheat myself that? Nope. So, I'm going to push myself.

It is a mind game, after all.


  1. What cruise are you going on? We're leaving on one the 24th! And what planner is that?

    1. We're going on the Quanium of the Seas! Leaving the 23rd. That is an Erin Condren Life Planner and it's awesome!!


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