Fitness Friday

I'm pretty sure Aubrey from ALG Uninterrupted is taking a little break from her linkup, but I still wanted to post and get a few things off of my chest.

I've felt like a total fitness/health failure lately. The worst part? I'm working so hard at my job, my new coaching business, and everything else that I'm neglecting the whole health aspect of my life. Not. Cool.

I have a million excuses. I really do. Good ones, too!

I'm tired. I'm working 12 hour shifts (day and night). I'm looking after a toddler. I'm this that or the other thing. But really, it's all just the fact that I haven't made the time for it. I've made time to 'relax' and binge watch every episode of Call The Midwife whilst eating a whole bag of chocolate chips over the course of a week, so why must I think I don't have time to exercise? Why do I think I have an excuse to not eat well, if I'm not exercising?

Yes, I did take a little break. My doctor recommended it because my knee was bothering me. Alright, that's fine, but did I have to go ahead and eat all the teddy grams, ritz, and chocolate chips in the house? No.

To be honest, I think I really over did it with the whole exercise every day for 30 minutes thing. I literally did this every single day for over 3 months. Come hell or high water, I did something for 30 minutes. The day I thought I was going to barf all day? Went for a walk anyway. The day of the plane crash? Went for a walk. Maybe it was good that day, but see what I'm getting at? I literally did not take one single rest day for a long time.

And, since I'm a pretty busy/active person anyway, I think that's where my plateau has come from. I think my body is holding on to every last thing it can, in fear that I'm going to pull a 'workout in the morning, walk/clean all afternoon and play hockey with no subs in the evening' day. I think maybe I over did it a  bit a lot.

So, where does that leave me? With a different mindset, I think. It's okay to have a rest day. It's okay to modify things if it's beginning to be too much. It's okay to not expect yourself to not need a break doing a demanding program like P90, and playing ice hockey 3x a week. It's okay to rest and heal an injury.

But it's not okay to give up. Can't run? Walk! Taking a rest day? Watch your calories. Maybe don't make that you're 'cheat' day.

It's all about balance and I'm still trying to find mine! Though, I imagine that even if I do find my balance some day, things will change and I'll have to find it again. :)


  1. Oh wow, three months with at least thirty minutes of activity?!? Impressive but also, you are absolutely right, the potential to burn out is there for sure. Good luck finding a new balance!

  2. Wow, girl that is quite a feat. I know for a fact I wouldn't have been able to keep that up.

    Yes, balance is key :)

    We'll get there!

  3. It is all about the balance. And rest days are really important with that! It helps your body to recover and built itself up stringer than before. All things in moderation :)

  4. I agree seems like we are constantly recalibrating our balance. I struggle with being all or nothing.


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