2014 Goals: Recap

Last year, around this time, I set some goals for myself for the year. I wanted to check them out and see how I did. Everyone always says that New Years Resolutions don't work. How about New Years Goals?

Here they are:


Have more patience. 

I don't think I do. I would say this one is still a work in progress. Maybe I should focus on this one next year. 

Organize myself. 

I feel like I have greatly improved in this one. I make lists and check things off as I go. I don't feel like I fly by the seat of my pants all the time at least! 

Be present for Harper. 

Probably should work on this one too. I have a tendency to zone out. I need to not do that, because she's growing so fast, she's going to be big before I know it! 

Take time for myself.

I would say I did this. Though the time for myself may have been a workout, hockey, or watching a show I wanted to watch. 

Spend more time with Casey.

Ummmmm...I'm not sure. It's hard to judge, because since the start of fishing he has been so busy. It usually cools down after Christmas so maybe I'll have to reassess this one then. 

Learn a new skill.

I know what I was thinking when I set this one. I wanted to learn to cross stitch. I did that. Though I'm so incredibly behind on my pattern it's not even funny. Seriously, you get a pattern every month and I'm still on June. 


Transition back to work. 

I did this. I think I did it quite well, too. Though work has been a different place since the summer, and it seems like everyone is looking to January as the month that everything will be better (ie. more RNs will be around). 

Be a excellent documenter. 

I set this as a goal for myself every year, because it's really important in my job. I would say I did improve some this year. We have a new emerg chart that has rather helped with that. A couple of the nurses I work with are some of the best charters I've ever seen in my life. I strive to chart like them!

Find a routine that works for everyone. 

I would say I had that for a while, but because of the switch up of my position, and my eventual change to a 0.5 job, things have been random, but I'm planning ahead as best as I can, so that I can make it work for everyone. It's a balancing act for sure, but with a little thought it's not too bad. 


Lose 25 lbs.

This is where I have really excelled this year. I have lost 32.4 pounds in the last year. I thought I was setting myself up for failure with a 25 pound goal. I am so proud of my progress this year! 

Be able to run 5 K at the end of the year. 

Wellllllll....I can run 5K, just not without walking a bit. I ran a ton in the summer, getting up to 8-10 mins at a time, but once it started getting colder out, I took on working out inside and playing hockey for my cardio instead. Honestly, I can play hockey for an hour and fifteen minutes straight but I can't run for more than 5 minutes. I suppose it's because there are no face offs in running! 

All in all, I think I did fairly well this year. Aside from all of this, I've improved my hockey skills, created a Beachbody Business, built my blog, travelled a bit, and probably many other things I'm forgetting about. 

How was your year? Did you meet your goals? 


  1. You accomplished much more than I and you look so awesome!

  2. Good for out momma! Overall it seems like you accomplished a ton! And that's amazing that you surpassed your health goal! We'll just say that covered the cross stitching ;)

    Aspen Kelty Marie

    1. Haha thanks! I'm going to skip the cross stitching one for this year, maybe I'll be done this one by the time 2016 comes out!

  3. Wow, Winter, you really did accomplish a lot this year! 2014 was wonderful for you!


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