Tone It Down

A while back, we did a drill on a hockey skills night that had us sliding on one knee a lot. Well, the group I was in didn't hear the que to turn and use the other knee, so we ended up doing the drill entirely on one knee, instead of half and half. Ever since then, I've found my right knee to be rather sore. I couldn't pinpoint when it happened for quite a while, but then I realized one night that it must have been then.

Anyway, I mentioned it to one of the doctors I work with, and he quickly grabbed my knee precisely where it hurt, and said 'Is this where it hurts?' He told me he did that once while playing hockey, but it was because someone hit him there not from a drill. He said it's nothing major, but it'll take rest to heal. He said it took his over a year to fully heal!

Can I just say...AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm done.

He told me that squats were the absolute worst thing for it, and unless I quit doing them, and give it a chance to heal, I'll have to deal with the pain (which is relatively minor, but still).

P90 has it's fair share of squats. But I have to say, it's not the squats that really hurt, it's the side lunge rows. So, I decided that I would modify my squats, and instead of doing the side lunge rows, I would grab my hula hoop and do that for the minute instead.

I decided to run it by my doctor. He's actually pretty well versed in sports med, and is pretty physically active himself. I told him what my schedule was with P90, and he suggested that I be taking a rest day every other day. I told him that wasn't really something I thought I could do, and still continue. In the end, we both thought that a good compromise was to do:

Monday: Hockey
Tuesday: Sweat & Abs
Wednesday: Sculpt
Thursday: Hockey
Friday: Sweat & Abs
Saturday: Sculpt
Sunday: Hockey (& Sat Special if I'm feeling alright).

I'm really hoping this is something I can do, and still manage to let my knee heal. This schedule helps me to not be doubling up on workouts. If it comes right down to it, I'm more committed to hockey than I am P90. I love playing and I won't skip it in order to do a workout video. I did, however, commit to doing the full P90 program, which will finish at the end of December. After that, I will have a bit less demanding work schedule, and be able to work something out.

I'll be back next week with hopefully a good report!