P90 Month 1: Complete

Hi everyone! I meant to have this post up and ready for last week, but life got in the way a bit, so it's here now!

As of Monday, November 3rd, I moved on to the second phase of P90, the B videos. The schedule remains the same, with Sweat B & Ab Ripper on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Sculpt B on Tuesday and Thursday, and Saturday Special on the weekend.

Last week I did what was scheduled, except I planned on doing Sat Special on Sunday, but after a long day in the car and then a little bit of a rocky ferry road home, I didn't feel that my stomach could take a heavy workout, so I went for a walk instead.

A couple of things I'll mention about the program. One is that I did get a little tired of doing the same thing all week long. I could predict when Tony was going to say 'Spin!' or 'Sprawl!' to the point where I could do them exactly as instructed. This is good in that you're doing lots of work, but bad if you get bored of workouts easily.

The other thing I would like to mention is that the second phase workouts are longer. By about 10 minutes. I wasn't overly happy with this, because I was loving the fact that I could get in and out in half an hour. Not the case with the B videos. Sculpt isn't bad, I think it's still under 30 mins, but Sweat is like 32 plus a 15 min Ab ripper.

I did find that there was a fairly significant increase in difficulty moving from A to B. I burn about another 100-150 calories, depending on how hard I can go that day in Sweat/Ab ripper, and probably an extra 50 in Sculpt. Sculpt has quite a bit more cardio in it this time around, which I like. I am challenged by it, and actually have had to go get myself a couple of 5 pound weights, because there are 2 moves that I just can't seem to get the hang of with the resistance band.

I am still able to do double workouts on the days I have hockey. Mondays give me a huge burn of 500 cals at hockey and another 350 or so doing P90.

I am still searching for a balance in my workouts though. Harper is moving from two naps a day to one, and I can't really seem to get the hang of it. Before, she would nap at 10-12 ish, and I would workout and shower then. Now she naps at 12-3 ish, but I can't really wait around in my PJs until noon to do my workout. So, I either have to get up a bit early and workout, or I have to do it at night. I am sooo not a morning person, so I think the answer for me most days will be to workout in the evening after Harper is in bed. I think that the key here will to remain flexible.


After a month of doing P90, I wish I had better results to report, but I don't have much. I kind of messed up my measurements. I do know that I lost almost 3 pounds in the 4 weeks, which is a big loss for me. As for my measurements, I didn't get them done first thing in the AM, so I did them after my workout, when Casey was home to help me. Just so you know, doing your measurements after doing Sculpt B is a bad idea. That night I was rather discouraged, finding I had gained 3 inches around my waist, another around both thighs, and stayed the same everywhere else. However, the next morning I had gone back to what I was at the beginning of the program, aside from a possible gain of an inch around my waist. This still makes ms a little aggravated, as I'm trying to shrink not grow, but at the same time, the area around my belly button is where I'm carrying all of my extra skin from my pregnancy/weight loss. I have a feeling it's going to take a long time, if it ever goes away.

It's always been a big fear of mine to start a pretty intense workout plan and end up gaining more muscle, which I don't really want. I'm hoping that's not what is going to happen, though I can sort of understand it around my waist. We shall see I guess.

So far, I'm feeling nicely challenged by the B phase. I sort of have an ultimate goal for the end of the B phase to be able to stay up during the Cross Climber Combo. It's only 60 seconds of switching between regular mountain climbers and cross climbers but holy smokes I can only get about 40 seconds out before I pretty near collapse. I always end up taking a 10 second break and then doing the last 10 seconds. This is all at a slow speed. I really want to be able to do the whole minute at least, and hopefully at a medium speed by the end of this! That move is a killer!! Also, I can't even do one single banana bike in the ab ripper B video, I have to modify modify modify that bad boy!

I'll be back in a few weeks with another report when I move on to the C videos!

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ALG Uninterrupted

Aside from doing my P90, I've been going to Hockey as well. I missed sunday because I was away, but I was able to get out Monday and Thursday. I got new hockey skates while we were in the city last weekend. 

I missed my P90 on Thursday. I got home from work, got supper, took Harper to my aunts, took Casey some supper, then went to Hockey, picked up Harper, got her to bed, and by that time it was 9 PM and if I wanted to sleep I couldn't do my workout that late. So I got caught up on housework. The thing is, sometimes life gets in the way!

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