Island Life: Weekly Recap

I'm going to re-attempt to do my weekly recap post! I loved doing these, but I got busy and stopped. Here's hoping I can find the time now, between a part time job, learning to be a BeachBody Coach, and all my other life commitments!


Pretty uneventful day. Got a lot of housework done, and ran errands. Not bad right?! Ate really really well, really happy with myself. Hockey skills night in the evening.


Worked a 12 hour day shift. I always forget how long 12 hours is until I work a string of 8s and have to start 12s again! Ate decently, had a bit more chocolate than I should at night though.


Was a total lazy pants all day. Barely got dressed. I did get a bunch of things done I needed to do, including doing a lot of Christmas shopping. Even had a nap, and did lots of housework. Did not eat well though. So so so bad. Cookies, ice cream, chocolate. Ugh!!


I did a 4 hour morning shift, then brought Harper home to nap. I got my workout done, and did some housework and made supper. I had hockey and I felt like I played really well! I was pretty happy about it anyway haha. I went to Gill's Scentsy party after and thankfully no one complained about me smelling badly! I stayed out late for the first time in forever. And by late I mean 11.


I baked 6 dozen cupcakes. It was a busy day! I did my workout in the afternoon, and hung out with Harper lots. We got groceries and even went to visit my grandmother. After supper Casey wanted to get in his parents hot tub, so we went up to drop Harper off for the night and got in the hot tub. It was rather windy and cold out though! Afterwards, we finished cleaning up the house and then went to bed.


I worked a 12 hour day. When I got home, I found out that one of our dogs, Max, had been hit by a car and killed. He was 13. It wasn't a good night. I didn't get my workout in, how could I with a big lump in my throat? Casey and I watched a show together, and went to bed.


I worked another 12 hour day. When I got done, I went to pick up Harper and visited at my dad's a little bit. I put Harper to bed (waaaay too late) and did a bit of housework, and worked on a few things before bed.