Fitness Friday

Life has finally calmed down a bit, thank goodness!

I totally missed out on last weeks linkup, I was trying so hard to get everything in my life back on track that I wasn't able to even throw together a last minute post. I have a lot on the go right now, and adding in a vehicle catastrophe and a sick kid didn't help. But Harper is better now, and I hope I get my car back next week sometime. I have a few days off and I've been able to keep up with life while I did my last set of shifts. To me, that's pretty great!

I have been keeping on top of my workouts too. I can't even believe some of the times I work out, but if I have to do it at 8:30 PM, I've gotta do it. I really wanna see some downward movement on the scale soon. I would like to see the 150s before our cruise in Jan.

This past week, I moved on to the P90 B videos. I did A for a month, and when my coach pointed out it was time to move on to B, I was sure she was wrong. I checked my planner like 5 times, but she was right!

Since last week was crazy I missed tuesday's workout, and saturdays as well, but I did one on sunday instead of taking a rest day, so that made up for one of them at least! Other than that, I've been doing my workouts right along, and I went to hockey Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights, and went for a 6 KM walk with a friend on Wednesday on top of my P90.

To be completely honest, I'm not really pumped about working out after I get home from burning 500 calories at hockey, but I really want to see results with P90. The old me would have skipped those days, but not new Winter. I'm doing it right this time!

I've done awesome with meal prepping too. I made curried squash soup and had salad with it all week for lunch. I love being able to make enough to eat all week. It saves so much time!

That's all for me for Fitness Friday! I'm just going to keep on keeping on. Don't forget to check out the linkup with ALG Uninterrupted!

ALG Uninterrupted


  1. You're freaking knocking it out of the park. Look at you and those double workout days :)

    1. Thank you! I hope that the scale agrees!

  2. woah! I just cannot get to workout during the week after a fullday. If I do, I can't get to sleep until midnight and it would mess up my whole week. Ironically, my best run times have been those random late Saturday night runs!
    I'm behind for the week, so I need to figure out how/when to make up for my lost time.

    way to go! I keep seeing your burn numbers and am jealous!

    1. Haha I have to take sleep meds daily anyway, so its no big deal to me. I've never slept well, since I was a teen.

  3. Hockey AND P90X! I'm uber impressed!!!

    Glad your week got better :)

    1. thanks :) It's actually just P90 not P90X


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