North Conway Vacation Recap {& Fitness Friday}

Good morning everyone!

We got back Monday night from our awesome vacation in North Conway, New Hampshire. It was my first time there and I have to say it was one of my favourite vacations that I've been on! 

Monday we drove down. It took a looooong time to get there because we listened to the GPS in the car and it took the roundabout way there. Like six hours driving. Ugh. Anyway, we got there eventually. So after we checked into our room at the Nordic Village Resort. I was pleasantly surprised with our room. Other than the green carpet, the room was nice and well kept. 

We went out to eat at a local place called the Muddy Moose. It was really yummy! Probably my favourite meal the whole time. I had steak tips, squash, and a baked potato. After that, we went to the outlet shopping place. I've not been outlet shopping as an adult. Man, it's pretty awesome! We ended up checking out most of the stores, including the Lindal Chocolate store. Well, they were having a stupid flash sale. 50% off everything in the store! I ended up getting 37 chocolates just for me! And this begins the string of bad eating choices that followed. Just kidding, those began 30 mins into our drive down with a box of timbits. I've actually only eaten 2 chocolates. They're going to be my treats for the next long time. 

After walking around the shops, we played 36 holes of mini golf at the Pirates Cove mini golf course. So much fun! Casey tied the best score of the day!

The next day, we both got up early so I could drive Casey to the golf course. After that, I got ready and went for a 5km run. Yup! I ran! The mountains and trees were absolutely beautiful. I even ran through a covered bridge! 

After that, I showerd and went outlet shopping by myself. It was so awesome!!! I got SO MUCH nike stuff for 100$! Pumped!! Got an outfit from American eagle too. The night before we bought Harper and Casey some things as well. 

I stopped at the white mountain cupcakery and had a chocolate mint cupcake which was divine and worth every calorie. It's not often that I actually like the cake on a cupcake that's made in a shop. This was exceptional! 

After lunch, I went and picked up Casey and we drove to mount Washington. I've never done it before but Casey had. It was absolutely amazing. We were so lucky to be there on an extremely clear day. You could see for miles and miles.

After that, we went to Applebys for supper. I've never been there either if my American readers can even believe that! Haha. It was yummy but so bad in calories. Glad that there isn't one of those bad boys to tempt me on the island! 

After supper we walked the downtown area which has lots of nice shops and restaurants. Zebs general store was really interesting to say the least. Lots of weird things in there.

Sunday we went to Peaches for breakfast. It was packed but yummy. We didn't end up waiting very long either. We then made our way over to Fryburgh to go to the fair. We walked around the fair for about 5 hours. There were tons of animals go see and lots of shops and booths selling things. They had a midway too but it took tickets to ride everything and we weren't interested. We watched some of the horse pull which was kind of cool, seeing two horses pull A LOT of weight. I will say though that I did feel bad for some of the animals they had in cages to show. They were obviously stressed and scared of all the people but you know. Nothing I can do about that! 

After that we drove back to the hotel to rest a bit and get washed up. We hiked out to Diana's Bath waterfalls which was fun. I would say that the water is super low because I looked on trip advisor and there wasn't nearly as much when we were there.

That night we ate at May Kelleys Pub, which was an interesting place. Very eccentric! My fish burger was really good. 

Monday we packed everything up and checked out of our hotel. We went back to Peaches for breakfast and then started back home. 

It was a really good trip! We both had fun, but I think I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation! 

So, how did I do with my goals while on vacation? So-so. 

1. Drink lots of water. At least 2 litres a day. 

I don't know if I did. I tried. I came very close if not. It's hard to track when Casey drinks my water sometimes though. 

2. Snack on healthier choices during the day. 

Nope. Not even a little. Next! 

3. Allow myself a treat in the evening without guilt. 

Nope. I treated all the time and felt guilty for it. 

4. Run at least once. 


5. Get more than 10 000 steps per day. 

I'm gonna give myself this one. Because I didn't take into consideration that traveling was going to take 6 hours, not including the ferry. I got 9600 the day we drove down so that's pretty darn good for the travel day! I nailed it with the next 2 days, getting 27000 and 21000 those days. Only got 8000 the day we travelled home, but I did take Luna for a walk that night.

So as for fitness Friday, this week I walked every day other than my run and hike, and one day I did TurboFire 30 as well. I made an effort to walk fast and do hills as well. 

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  1. I love visiting North Conway! I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip. White Mountain Cupcakes are the absolute best!!

    1. I can't wait to go back some day! I'd love to go explore more! :)

  2. Oh my gosh those pictures are BEAUUUUUTIFUL. And I'm uber impressed that you exercised on vacation. You know I'm a very bad girl on vacay :)

    1. Thank you! I purposely wrote my goals on my blog so that I would feel obligated to fulfil them. It worked! I'm a very bad girl when it comes to eating though!

  3. Oh wow what a beautiful vacation! That place looks so amazing! Way to go getting the exercise in! That is impressive!


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