Making it Through Thanksgiving Without Derailing Your Progress!

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I always like to make a plan when it comes to holidays. If I go into a holiday without a plan, I end up eating anything and everything, and I regret it later. Sometimes it even means totally throwing me off for weeks at a time, which I really don't want, especially this close to achieving my goals!

So, here's my plan for thanksgiving (actually, it's always my plan for any big family dinner!).

- No potato. Sorry, but to me, they're more calories than they're worth. Especially when you can have squash! Mmmm!

-Fill up on veggies. Carrots, peas, beans, corn, SQUASH, turnip, broccoli. Eat it, and eat some more.

-Go easy on the gravy. I can't really imagine turkey without gravy, I feel like I'd choke to death on it! BUT, that doesn't mean you need to add a bucket of gravy to everything!

-Going back for seconds? Get more veggies!!

-Get up, move around, and help clear the plates between dinner and dessert.

-Give yourself even more time to settle. Are you full? Over full?

-Check out what's there for dessert. Is there something you just can't live without a piece of? Ok, have ONE NORMAL HUMAN SIZED PORTION of that.

-Don't drink your calories. This one is hard, when there's punch of something yummy. But, it means several less calories for you to worry about.

-Make it an active weekend. Get out with your family, instead of slipping into a turkey coma on the couch. If you can't get out, work out at home!

Well, that's the best I've got!

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. We have a 10K race on Thanksgiving morning. I like to run it, or at least go for a run, because it makes me feel so much better when I eat a big dinner. Nice tips!

  2. Sounds like a solid plan. You can totally do it!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! The veggies sound yummy...but I do love my potatoes. Since we have cut down drastically on "every day" potatoes I look forward to enjoying a serving and letting someone else deal with the leftovers :) We are talking about doing a race Thanksgiving morning.

    1. Thank you! I'm just not a potato person, not when there's squash!


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