Fitness Friday

Good day everyone!

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I actually had a stellar week fitness-wise, believe it or not!

Friday: Worked 12 hours, so didn't really have time to do a hardcore P90 workout, but walked 5 KM with a friend instead.

Saturday: Made up for missing P90 the day before, did Sweat A, Ab Ripper, and Sculpt A.

Sunday: Did P90 Saturday Special (I know, it was sunday, whatevs), and played hockey in the afternoon.

Hockey burns calories! Don't mind my gross healing thumb. 

Monday: Did TurboFire Fire 30 (it was my P90 rest day) and went to hockey skills night.

Tuesday: P90 Sweat A & Ab Ripper.

Wednesday: Sculpt A and a 5 Km walk.

Sclupt A
Thursday: Sweat A & Ab Ripper, then a hockey game.

Not bad, right?! I did a ton of work over the weekend, which was what counteracted my not so great eating over thanksgiving. I didn't go overboard on dinner, but I snacked a lot, and craved sweets really badly.

I'm hoping to really reign in my eating this week for a decent loss on Tuesday!

How are your fitness goals coming? We're half way through October, if you can believe it! Finish out the month strong! 

ALG Uninterrupted


  1. Where do you get the energy to work a 12 hr shift and then be with the kiddo and then also think of working out! Woho- hats off!

    1. Haha, I don't work all 12 hour shifts :) Shes usually in bed when I get home!


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