Fitness Friday

I feel like my life is so chaotic right now! I have been working quite a bit since we got home from vacation. I'm happy to say today is my last day of work for a whole week! Woot!! I love my job, but my house needs a little TLC and I miss my baby girl!

I feel like this has been a really good week for fitness! Here's what I did:

Friday: Walked. It was after work, what are you gonna do?

Saturday: Walked again. Seriously?

Sunday: Walked 5KM hills! Woot!

Monday: Hockey Skills night! I have never been so pumped for a skills night! I know they kick my butt but I have really missed beding on the ice!! It was a really good first night back too, lots of great skating drills and tips.

Tuesday: I got my P90 in the mail!! I was PUMPED! I did the first day as soon as I put Harper to bed! Sweat A and Ab Ripper. I forgot to turn my Polar FT4 on until half way though though. Poop.

Wednesday: P90 Sculpt A. I'm feeling the effects of the ab ripper from the day before. Unfortunately, not as much in my abs as my lower back. It's quite sore.

Thursday: Hockey scrimmage for an hour and then Sweat A and the Ab Ripper again. This was by far my big burn day! I wish I wore my heart rate monitor to hockey because I worked hard! I will on sunday for sure!

I'm super happy with P90 so far! I'm not finding it too crazy, so I can do other things too, like run or play hockey. At first I wasn't sure, but now after doing both I know it's possible.

Sorry for the short and sweet post! Gotta run to work!

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  1. That's so cool that you play hockey. Most of my friends are pretty hockey obsessed (both playing and watching). Are you on a team or just a drop in?

    1. I don't actually watch hockey, just play. I plan to be on the team this year. Last year I just went to scrimmages and skills nights. I wanted to learn before I started playing on the team. :)


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