Excuses, Excuses.

When I gave up my excuses, I found results.

That sentence has been stuck in my head for over a week. I can literally think of so many different reasons why I don't want to or shouldn't work out. Daily.

- I'm tired. 
- I worked all day. 
- I don't have time. 
- My shoulder hurts. 
- I have so much housework I should be doing right now. 
- I played hockey already today. 
- I cut my finger and don't want to work out with a bandage on it. 
- My workout clothes are dirty. 
- I have warm soup belly. 

And last but not least:
- I just don't want to!!!! 

Seriously, I have used every single one of these as potential excuses to not work out this week alone. The best thing I can do is just force myself to do it, because once I'm 5 mins in, I'm good. 

How do I force myself to workout? 

Giving myself a reason TO workout to match my reason not to. 

- I'm worth the time and effort. 
- laundry can be folded later (or by Casey while he watches tv).
- you're not as tired as you think. You've still got energy. 
- burn off that soup! 
- workout as the floors dry.
- be fit in the event of the zombie apocalypse. 
- your shoulder needs to be worked and stretched. 
- I have a family I need to be healthy for. 
- I have a trip in jan that I want to look awesome on! 

It's a daily battle. I have the conversation with myself every single day, when I'm deciding to sit on at the computer or get my workout gear on and press play.

What are your reasons to workout?


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