Analyzing {&Weigh in Wednesday}

I'm not perfect. I have never claimed to be. My eating habits are still not fantastic all the time. Sometimes there even a bit disordered. I'm struggling with my eating.

It's literally every single day. I WANT to eat things that are good for me. I wake up with every intention to do so. Sometimes, I just don't end up doing what I wanted.

Lately, I've been having nights where I have a really difficult time stopping myself from eating. It's actually a little big ridiculous. I know I'm going over my calorie goal, and yet I do it anyway. I am literally thinking 'Winter, stop! NOW!' as I'm heading towards the cupboard to find something else to eat.

So, I've done some analyzing of my eating habits.

I know that what I eat through the day is good. I usually snack in the morning and in the afternoon. That's normal for me. It's the night time stuff that's killing me right now.

This one is Saturday's food.

It was going so well until I blew it on snacks at night! Grr!! Why do I do that to myself!?

This one is Sunday. I was determined to have a much better day. So I did. I had a piece of fudge after supper and a piece of dark chocolate at night, but didn't go crazy, and stayed well within my calorie goals. 

I've been analyzing my food pretty closely to try and pinpoint what triggers me. I do well most days throughout the day. It's night time that I seem to fall on my face. It's not on the nights I'm working on my blog or other things. It's on the nights when I'm watching a tv show with Casey. Even more likely is after a day when I burn a ton of calories, like on hockey nights. I'm not even really hungry when I do it, I'm just bored. 

So, how do I stop this destructive habit? Occupy myself, I think. If I can keep my hands busy with my phone or painting my nails or something I think it might help me to not binge on whatever I can find. 

What do you do to distract yourself from mindless snacking? 

Now it's time for Weigh in Wednesday! 

Weigh In Wednesday
This weeks struggles have resulted in a 0.2 pound loss. I'm not upset about that. I really expected to gain, so a loss, however small, is great!
Yesterday was the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I can't even begin to describe it, but it involved missing the ferry and the strut on my car breaking in half, in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, I didn't get anything I wanted done, but I did get in some movement by chasing Harper around whenever I could, running was involved. At least she's cute, it made it for a little less of a rough day. So, I'm going to have to double up on P90 today! I ate kinda meh. I had a few french fries, and the restaurant I finally got to eat supper at puts way too mush mayo on its wraps, but honestly, I was so stressed by that point, I didn't care. Yes, I could have picked a salad, but Harper won't eat salad off my plate, when she will eat fries. Whatever. It's over now, and were finally home, safe. I didn't binge on anything nuts, though I did have a chocolate bar, in hopes it would give me a sugar rush to get through the last hour of the night. It did just that. I'm just thankful we're all home, no one got hurt, and that it didn't happen the day before my weigh in! 
Height: 5'3"
Last Week: 163.6
This Week: 163.4
Change: -0.2 Pounds
Total Loss: 46.6 Pounds

How was your week? 


  1. A loss is a loss is a loss! Sorry about the bad day--it sounds like you are doing a lot of great things though. I have problems with snacking too. I try to keep myself busy at night too and that seems to help. You can do it!

  2. Ahh sorry about that snacking but you still had a loss! That's great! You got this!

  3. Oh man a terrible, horribl, no good, very bad day indeed! Sorry about that!

    Have you tried knitting or crocheting? I started doing it when I quit smoking years ago and I still like it as a go to evening activity to prevent snacking. If you don't know how it's easy to learn and you can start small, like a scarf for Harper.

    1. I can knit, but not well. I should get my cross stitching out...

  4. I find that on nights that I really HAVE to snack, I either drink a big glass of water, sip on some tea and honey, or eat something that takes *forever* to eat. Like a pomegranate. Do you know how long it takes to pick on of those apart while watching a TV show? A long effing time.

  5. Maybe eat more snacks during the day instead of at night. For the cookies, try putting one on a plate and breaking it up into little pieces so it tricks your mind into thinking you're eating more. Another idea is to pre-portion all your snacks and set them in the open each morning. Then you see what you can have each day and when they're gone you're done. Drink extra water with the snacks (more than you do with meals).


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