Working Nights and Losing Weight {Weigh in Wednesday}

Due to several recent changes at work, I've had to start working nights again. This past weekend I worked my first 2 night shifts since January 2013. I'm not going to lie, I was rather nervous, and very out of practice. I think that doing nights is an art. If you can execute it perfectly, it's not so bad.

Unfortunately, along with messed up sleeping, night shifts bring along erratic eating. Obviously, due to my previous failed attempts at losing weight, I haven't been the best eater. On this, my journey to changing my life, I have not had to deal with nights so far. I'm rather lucky. With taking on my new 0.5 part time position, I will only have 14 nights in a 36 week period. That's totally doable.

I do think that there is a way to do nights without totally bombing your eating plans. Here's what I plan to try:

  • Pack healthy foods. 
This seems like a totally obvious thing, but sometimes it's not that easy. It's especially important for me, because our hospital is so small there is no cafeteria or anywhere to get food if you are hungry. Also, it goes without saying, if you pack healthy food, that's what you'll eat. Usually. 

  • Eat small meals every few hours. 
Another rule of healthy living you hear all the time, but it applies to night shifts. If I get myself starving by not eating between midnight and 5 am, I'm very likely to feel really nauseated and not want anything but comfort foods. Carrots and hummus probably wouldn't hit the spot. 

My shift begins at 7:15, so eating at 10, 1, 4, and 6 is most reasonable. Not always doable, if patients are keeping me occupied. 

  • Drink lots of water. 
A rule I generally live by, but not as easy on nights. My stomach doesn't usually want a ton of water in the night, like it does in the day. Steadily sipping on water is the way to go for me. 

  • No pointless snacking/picking.
It's hard not to, but it's for the best in the long run. 

  • Still try and get out and exercise. 
It's sooooo hard, especially on nights, but a 30 minute walk before going to bed when you get home is really relaxing. I love taking my dogs for an early walk on the beach. Getting regular exercise is always a good idea anyway! 

Now, moving on to Weigh in Wednesday with Heather, Ash, and Erin!

Weigh In Wednesday
I was actually able to lose 1 pound this week! I was really happy with that. I've been on a good roll for a while now. I can hardly believe it, but I'm currently at the lowest weight I've been since the summer of 2008. 6 years!! That summer I believe I did Weight Watchers and lost almost over 20 pounds but didn't keep myself in check ate whatever I wanted. Here's to permanent changes this time! 

Summer of 2008.

Height: 5'3"
Last Week: 167.8
This Week: 166.8
Change: -1 pounds
Total Loss: 43.2 pounds


  1. You have lost A LOT of weight!!! So so awesome! I use to work the night shift every night sunday thru thursday. those shifts are HARD!

    1. Thanks :) I'm glad I don't have to work them as frequently as I used to, that's for sure!

  2. YAY WINTER! That is awesome! Continue on that downward trend!

    You are a trooper for working nights. I would find that really hard.

    1. Thanks! It is hard, but it's part of my job I guess!

  3. Congrats on the loss!! I did night shift for my first 2 years of nursing until I got pregnant, and I actually lost more weight then--mainly because I slept all day long. And I packed my food because there was no cafeteria open. I hated night shift though---I never got enough sleep--ever!

    1. Thanks! I am not a good sleeper, so I didn't sleep all day, unfortunately!

  4. I love all of those goals, they're all attainable and obviously very helpful to not only losing weight, but also a healthy lifestyle in general!

  5. Way to go, Winter!!!! That must be such a great feeling to be at your lowest weight in forever.

    Hope you stick to your night shift plans. You got this. :)

    1. Thanks! It does feel good, though I guess I don't see myself at this weight, I still see myself at 195. Weird.

  6. Wow, congrats on the loss! Nice goals :)

  7. Great loss this week girlie! And excellent plan in place for those nights now!

  8. You are doing so great, and good plan for your night shifts! I am impressed--great weigh in!

  9. Go for it! All of those are more than recommendable. Weight loss efforts are like engines that should be installed into daily routines and lifestyles. You can say that the additional surgeries, such as tummy tucks, are there to re-mold your body so such engines can run much better. All the best!

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