Weigh in Wednesday

Good morning! It's that time of week again! Weigh in Wednesday with Heather, Ash, and Erin.

Weigh In Wednesday

I'm writing this post early like I usually do. I'm half way through my night shift as I begin this post. Currently working on a box of jr mints and I'm about to go make my 3rd coffee. Yay nights. 

I swear that this month has been a hormonal mess. My birth control got messed up this month because my doctor forgot to tick the refill box on my prescription and it took a couple days to get if filled. Anyway, needless to say, I've been craving sugar like crazy. Somehow I've been able to continue to work out, thankfully, and it's offset some of the sweets I have had. 

This has been a decent week otherwise. I've drank lots of water and done lots of cardio and even some strength routines. I had one day that we ate out but it wasn't anything too crazy. 

I had to weigh in on Monday this week because I worked Monday night, slept Tuesday, and I'm headed away on the ferry today to pick up my retainer that was getting fixed. 

I managed to lose 0.8 pounds this last week, despite my crazy sugar cravings. 

I'm really hoping that I'll be settled down and not craving everything I see. 

This weekend we're headed on a little getaway to North Connway to do some shopping, go to the Fryburgh Fair, and just have some fun before the weather turns too cold. I'm really not expecting a loss for next week. There are so many wonderful places to eat in the US that we never get to go to. I'm hoping to stay nice and active while I'm down there, though I haven't made a plan yet. I should do that. STAT.

Height: 5'3"
Last Week: 167.6
This Week: 166.8
Change: -0.8 Pounds
Total Loss: 43.2 Pounds

Wanna know something crazy? I've lost just over 20% of my starting weight. I'm very happy with that!

I know I posted one like this last week, but I got all of our family photos back and I had to show everyone the difference (I'll post next week with the rest of the photos!). Size 16 down to a 10 in a year! So happy with my progress!


  1. Wow 20%! That's amazing! You look great and excellent loss this week even with all those crazy cravings! Hope your bcp's even themselves out!

  2. 20% is awesome Winter. You're about the same weight as me now. This morning I weighed in at 164.4. I think it's about time I joined this link-up, as I need some accountability in my life.

    Adorable family photos. I cannot believe how much Harper is growing!!!

    1. I'm always actually surprised you're not in the linkup!

  3. 0.8lbs even with sugar cravings and 20% lost that's fantastic!!! Sounds like a great week to me!

  4. You look so great! Keep up the good work!

  5. Adorable family :) Love those milestones - 20% is a good one! Enjoy your getaway.

  6. A loss when you are dealing with hormones and sugar cravings is great and so is a 20% loss! You look amazing!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

    1. Thank you! I can't really believe it was a loss this week to be honest!

  7. I use to work the overnights.... zzzzzzzzzzzzz .... booooring! I remember buying a box of lucky charms and taking them to work with me and then through out the night i proceeded to pick out and eat every single marshmallow in the box. ha ha! You sure are doing so well. Just wanted to say what an inspiration you are. May your continued journey be blessed by God. May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you the strength, knowledge, wisdom and courage to keep going. blessings my friend.

  8. Wholly 20% Batman! That's amazing.

    And what a cute little family you have! :)


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