Things You Didn't Know Until You Started Cloth Diapering {Mommy Moments}

I absolutely LOVE my AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers! I love how they look, how well they work, and just about everything about them. When I started cloth diapering, I didn't have a clue what to do. Over time, I did trial and error, and with the help of some lovely mommas online and in real life, I got the hang of it. There's a lot that you don't know when you take on the business of cloth diapering your baby. You're not just saving the planet. It's so much more than that!

1. Cloth diapering is complicated.

SO complicated. At first at least.

There are so many different types of cloth diapers, it's not easy to choose which ones you want to try. When I began, I had Glowbugs, Thirsties, AppleCheeks, AMP, Alvas, BumGenius, and Grovia.

I bet you didn't realize there were that many brands to choose from!

What I can tell you right off is that I sold all of my other brands except for AppleCheeks and a couple of AMPs. I love my AppleCheeks, as I've said many times before. And, when it comes to cloth diapers, you definitely get what you pay for. Alvas are dirt cheep and I hated mine. They leaked all the time. I would never recommend them to anyone.

The thing is, there aren't just different brands, but there are different kinds of cloth diapers!

All in ones, pockets, hybrids, prefolds, and more!

For us, pocket diapers were the way to go. They take a bit more work, but I couldn't get my All in Ones to dry fast enough. Even if I put them in the dryer! My AppleCheeks will line dry and I also put my inserts in the dryer so make sure they're nice and soft.

To add to all the confusion, diapers can come in many different materials too. Bamboo, micro fibre, hemp, and others. It doesn't make the decision easy!

My absolute best advice? Go to YouTube and search Cloth Diapering 101. It's a series of videos that will help you understand if you're just starting out. I was so grateful for those!

2. Cloth diapering can be competitive!

I had no idea, but apparently some moms can get really cranky if you swipe up a diaper before they do. Or if you sell a diaper for a higher price because it's rare. There has been a crazy amount of drama due to these issues on Facebook groups. My advice on this? Stay out of it. It's a diaper, and it's not really worth getting too upset over. Peace and love (and AppleCheeks) ladies! #peaceloveapplecheeks

3. Cloth diapering isn't always rainbows and unicorns.

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Mommy wars. Just because I cloth diaper my child, doesn't mean I automatically have to adopt Exclusive Breastfeeding, baby-wearing, Attachment Parenting, Baby Led Weaning, or any other, for lack of a better word, trendy parenting things. I'm not saying these things are bad. I'm saying that if I choose to do, or not do, any one of them, keep your opinions to yourself. Why do some people have to get all upset that I'm not feeding my child wheatgrass and breastmilk smoothies for breakfast?! Seriously! Barf. Back off!

4. Some used cloth diapers sell for more than they retailed for originally.

I'll be the first to admit, I have a pretty sweet collection of AppleCheeks. I've got one of each colour that I've been able to get my hands on. Even the expensive discontinued, rare colours. I shopped around for months, building my stash and obsessing over finding the colours that I wanted. Yes, I realize it's just a diaper that my kid is going to poop in for a couple years. To many women though, it's a hobby. Like collecting baseball cards, or any thing really. At least these are cute and functional too! I'll even admit to paying quite a bit for one of my diapers. Yes, mine. Not Harpers. Haha!

If you'll refer back to #2, where I said cloth diapering can be competitive, part of the angst comes from people who are angry that people sell their diapers at higher prices. I don't see the big deal, but obviously some people do. To each their own, I say!

5. Poop is poop.

When I first began cloth diapering, everyone was like, ew! What about the poop!? To which I say, what about it? First of all, I'm a nurse, and if the worst thing I see in the run of a day is someone else's crap, it's been a good day. Second of all, everybody poops! When your baby starts eating solids, you'll question whether you'll continue with the cloth or not, because it can get pretty rotten. Hey, it's totally your choice! If you do stop, so be it! I'm not going to judge you. I chose to soldier on though, because it didn't bother me (or Casey, surprisingly) much at all. After all, poop is poop.

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