Shave Time, Shave Money! {Mommy Moments}

Who doesn't want to save on time and money?!

I sure do! Having a child and building a home is expensive!

I'm writing for Dollar Shave Club, where you can have a months worth of quality razors delivered to you every month for a low monthly fee! We usually buy Casey's shaving gear at Costco, but every single time we do, he growls about how expensive the shave heads are. We usually end up buying the 'cheaper' ones, which end up not lasting very long. The most expensive razor you can buy from Dollar Shave Club is 9.95$. Seriously?! That's pocket change! Go check them out!

So, how do I shave time and money as a busy working mom? Let's talk about it!

- I meal plan!

I use my weekly planner and make up a schedule of what we're going to eat for the week. I use a ton of different places that offer recipes, like Pinterest, recipe magazines, even Facebook! After I get my weekly plan, I make myself a grocery list.

- Check for deals.

Check flyers for weekly deals, and also check if your local store for reward plans or anything like that. It might take a while but you can build points and use them. My local grocery store has the PC Rewards system, where I can redeem points for money off my grocery bill!

- Make one grocery trip a week.

I try and plan what I'm gong to have for lunches as well as dinners. I try not to have to go back to the store mid way through my week. Before I started meal planning, I would go to the store almost every day. I would buy things I already had in the cupboard, and things I didn't really need at all. I could spend 50$ a trip, which can add up fast! Not to mention all the time it takes to go to the store every day!

- Buy what's on your list!

It sounds obvious, but it really isn't that easy. It actually applies to any store. We build a Costco list as well, and let me tell you, if you go and buy stuff in there that's not on your list, it adds up fast!

- Use coupons!

Whenever it's possible, go for it! Look for them online too!

- Make to do lists.

It's much better to have a to do list and you'll know what needs to get done, instead of remembering at the last second.

I hope my hints have helped spark ideas about how to save time and money in your house!

How do you save time and money? Tell me about it! 

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  1. Some weeks are better than others. This week for example, I have gone to Publix more times than I care to remember for lunch/dinner/etc. It seems when I do take the time to meal plan, the week goes more smoothly. However, sometimes going out with your kids and having fun all day outside of the house is just more fun. ;) At least, that's what happened to us this week.

    1. I totally agree. Spontaneity is fun sometimes! It's just hard on my bank account! Thanks for reading!

  2. It's a great idea of going grocery shopping only once a week. It's too easy to over spend when you don't!

    1. It's one of my biggest spending vices!


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