Man Crates!

Today I'm blogging for Man Crates, a really cool company that has great gifts for men, all packaged up in a crate! Do you have any idea how hard it is to buy for the men in my life?! My dad is probably the most difficult person for me to buy for! I can't wait until Christmas now! ;-) Don't worry, I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't read my blog, and even if he does, it's something to look forward to! I highly recommend going to their site and checking them out. There are so many awesome gifts! Here are my favourites.

How awesome are those?! Seriously, go check them out!!

So, when I was asked to come up with what I would want in my survival kit, I had a really hard time choosing! I talked it over with my mom on the ferry the other day, and we decided there really could be a crate for almost every aspect of life! A new mom crate, a weight loss crate, a life crate! I won't make one for everything, but the possibility is totally there!

Here is my absolute essentials for my life right now:

Man Crates

I love this thing, and it has seriously opened my eyes to the actual amount of movement I do every day. It works great and motivates me to move more! I'm always checking it during the day, and it makes me want to do better every day. 

It is my lifeline. It helps me to be organized and keep things all in one easy place. 

3. My iPhone. 


It's helped me lose over 40 pounds! Track track track! 

5. My Cup. 

I drink a ton of water every day and it's SO much easier with a straw. I have been through 3 different cups because I keep dropping them, but they're cheap and you can find them anywhere. Mine is 24 oz, so just 4 of them gives me all the water I need in a day. 

What would be in your essentials crate? Let me know! 


  1. Ahh awesome! My essentials crate would be my garmin forerunner 15, my wonder woman water cup, my cell phone (can't live without that - lol), a bondi band and unlimited access to netflix and amazon prime. :)

    1. Who can't live without a cell phone these days?!

  2. These man crates are so cute! Thanks for sharing!


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