Fleurty Bands Review {& Weigh in Wednesday}

When Jasmine from Fleurty and Fit posted on her Instagram that she was looking for people to test and review her headbands, I immediately jumped on that! I had been looking at her Etsy shop for a while, but as with most things online, I put something in my basket and then second guess myself. Then, I tell myself I'll think about it for a bit, and then totally forget or talk myself out of it.

To be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to buy myself another headband, to add to my collection of headbands that I love, but don't wear because they don't stay on my head. 

So when I saw the opportunity, I was excited to try the product in exchange for a review. 

I have quite a large collection of headbands for someone who never wears them. It's because they don't stay on my head, so they're too much of a pain to wear. I have 3 different kinds of Lululemon ones, none of which stay in place for more than 10 minutes. 

I was slightly nervous that I'd get this headband and have to give it a less than favourable review, but I knew I had to be honest about it.

So, when it finally came in the mail, I put it on and went for a walk immediately. I had no trouble with it at all. 

That night I decided I would have to test this headband more intensely. So, I made a plan. 

-Test it walking/normal activity.
-Test it running. 
-Test it doing yoga. 

I'm very excited to say that I did all of those things and I love this headband!

When I took it running, I kept thinking it was slipping, but it never did. After that, I got more used to wearing it and didn't feel like it was slipping anymore. 

I thought for sure that with all the moving and being upside down during PiYo that it would move out of place and slip off of my weird shaped head. Not even close! This headband didn't even budge! 

Not only are Jasmines headbands cute and work perfectly, but they're a very reasonable price! I highly recommend these headbands to anyone, especially if you've had problems keeping them on your head in the past. Go check out her Etsy shop! You won't be sorry! 

Moving on to Weigh In Wednesday with Heather, Ash, and Erin!

Weigh In Wednesday
This week I'm down 1.4 pounds! 

I'm very happy with this, as I didn't have the greatest eating ever, but it certainly wasn't the worst either. I have been keeping up with doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day though, so that's helpful I'm sure. I can never seem to have a good handle on both eating and exercising at the same time. I almost always do well until 3 PM and then I hit the wall, and crave bad things. I usually do the best when I'm working, because I'm busy and I plan ahead, well enough to bring a yogurt or something that isn't bad. Unless we're super busy, then the whole day's eating is a total write off. Which sucks bad, but at least I get a ton of steps in those days! 
So, here's to reigning in my eating this week! 

Height: 5'3"
Last Week: 169.2
This Week: 167.8
Change: -1.4 pounds
Total Loss: 42.2 pounds

Don't forget about Ash's challenge for September!


  1. Great week and an awesome review! Jasmine rocks! Wonderful loss this week, Winter!

  2. Congrats on the loss girl!! You are doing great!! Thanks for the sweet words--so glad you liked it:)

    1. Thanks! Thanks for the opportunity to try your headbands!

  3. The headband is cute :) Congrats on the weight loss!!! I think the weeks that we aren't perfect and still lose weight are the best. It reinforces the idea that no matter what we need to keep trying. All our little efforts matter.

  4. Awesome loss! Finding a good headband is so tough. I'll have to give these a try!

  5. I love Fleurty Headbands too!!!! :)

    Amazing loss, Winter! Good for you. :)


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