Fitness Friday

Goooooood Morning! It's time for Fitness Friday with ALG Uninterrupted

Last week, I promised myself I'd have a better fitness week. Last week I walked 6 days and ran 1. I really want to get myself into doing moderate/intense cardio 3-4 times a week. Right now, I'm doing doing really good to get in twice. I just finished a 60 day group that was doing PiYo together. I can't say that I did that great. I did lose weight, and some inches, but looking back at my planner, I was doing well to get PiYo in twice a week as well. I will say that the challenge went through August, which was a really hard month to find the strength to go for a walk, let alone do anything challenging.

During the challenge though, I did notice that I'm getting better at my Tricep Pushups (even though they're the devil), and I can side plan really well now, PiYo pikes I can do really well too. I'm planning to keep using PiYo, just try and up it to a few times a week. I need to do things other than just cardio, but I'm not really ready to go to the gym. I don't know that I'll ever be. 

Friday I did a walk/hike with my mom around the beaches waiting for the ferry to come in. We were like 2 hours early so it's what we did to kill time.

Saturday I went for a very sleepy walk. I'd been doing a lot the last couple days, and not sleeping much. I was happy to just walk. 

Sunday, I did PiYo Upper Body and ran 5K. I was really happy with this day. My abs and shoulders were sore for a couple of days after, so I was obviously doing it right!

Monday I ran 5K after work, and then went for a 40 minute walk with a friend.

Tuesday I did a fast walk as a 'rest' day. Ended up climbing down a small cliff on the beach because the tide was too high and the path that used to be there was all grown up and gone. Sad days.

Wednesday I started out the day with PiYo lower body. I have to say, I got a ton accomplished on wednesday. Best. Feeling. Ever. I went for an evening 5K run. It was probably the most interesting run I've ever done. The police were down on the trail I run. A bit startling when you aren't expecting it haha!

Yesterday I did another 5K run. I felt really good on this run. I ran 5, 8, 5, and 5 minutes with 3 minute walks in between. I am so stinking clumsy though! I tripped twice this time! I think I'm going to have to start running on the road again because it's getting dark earlier and there are rocks and branches on the trail. I'm kind of sad! I really enjoyed running the trail all summer!

I'm really happy with my workouts this week. It's sort of what I've been trying to achieve all summer.
A few runs, a few walks, and a few workouts. I'm hoping to keep up this pace. It's not overly excessive, and not too strenuous either.

As a little non-scale victory this week, I was going through my clothes and getting rid of the summer things and the stuff that's too big. I had a ton of stuff that I put away because they're too big, and I was able to bring out a few things that I can now fit back into. I'm getting into uncharted territory now, because it's been so long since I was this size. I am pretty sure I fit into a size 10 jeans in my second year university, and I felt SO huge. Now, I'm just so darn happy to be a 10! If you had told me when I wrote my goals at the beginning of this year, that I would be in the 160s, I would have told you to shut up, because you were full of it. I'm so happy with how far I've come!

The sweater I couldn't button last summer.
How was your week? Did you meet your fitness goals? Do you have a Non-Scale Victory to share?

ALG Uninterrupted


  1. I love going thru old clothes and seeing what fits and what doesnt..... You are doing SO GOOD!!! Gods blessings on your continued journey!

  2. great job..I took out my fall/winter clothes this week and most of them are too big on me now! It feels good knowing my hard work paid off...I lost more than 15 pounds this summer! :) found your blog from ALG Uninterrupted!

    1. Great loss for the summer! That's amazing!


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