Fall Favourites!

I know, I know. My name is Winter and I should obviously love the winter. False. I actually hate it! Autumn is by far my favourite season. I love the weather, the clothes, the smells, the holidays, pumpkin flavoured everything.

Here are some of my absolute favourite things about autumn! 

-The Weather.

Where we live, fall brings nice mild temperatures. Crisp mornings and beautiful afternoons. Hard to beat that! Especially if you hate being sweltering or freezing. 

- The Clothes. 

I love peacoats and scarfs. This head I bought myself a new scarf from Maxwell Designs that I'm loving. Go check out their website, they've got lots of new items!!

I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so when I can wear those and be comfortable, I'm a happy girl. I love the look of boots and jeans, but I've never found a pair of boots that would fit over my gigantic calves. I found a pair that measure within my measurements on a Zulily event for 45$. I'm hoping and praying that they'll fit!! 
- Halloween  

Actually, it's my favourite day of the year. I love it. Dressing up in crazy theatrical costumes and scaring people!? The best! Top that off with bite sized candies that I feel like I can eat 12 649 of, it makes it an amazing day.

Last Halloween! 
-The Food. 

I have a confession. I love soup. So much. It just doesn't feel the same eating it in the summer. So when my bbqing summer days are over, I'm ready for soup of all kinds! I've been busy pinning myself some new recipes to try! 

Also, I love squash, which is in season in the fall. And pumpkin flavoured things. Especially pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Omnomnom. Actually, autumn is the best time for cookie baking in my brain! I've got a dedicated cookie Pinterest board all ready to go!

Cookies are probably my biggest food vice. I could take or leave cheesecake or pie most of the time but I love cookies! My favourite cookie recipes are:

Soft Ginger Snaps
My Favourite Chocolate Chip Cookies
and My Mom's Sugar Cookies!

-The Scentsy Scents!

I know, I'm obsessed! Seriously though, the fall scent collection is the absolute best. It's a bit different every year, but I'm always happy! In the last few weeks I've been to a couple Scentsy parties, and I've got myself several new scents.

Some of my favourite fallish scents are Apple Press, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Vanilla Bean Buttercream (not fall but SOOO good!!), Cozy Fireside, and Sticky Cinnamon Bun. 

What are your favourite things about fall?? 


  1. I Love soup it's truly the most complete food ever!! (Well except for pizza maybe lol). And yes pumpkin everything!

  2. Thank you for sharing your cookie recipes! Those are my FAVOURITES! I would add an amazing shortbread cookie to that list, but I'll make that closer to fall. ;)

    1. They're not all mine! I do love whipped shortbread but it's more of a christmas thing for us.

  3. PS, OMG, Harper has SPROUTED in a year!!! Can't wait to see her costume this year. :)

  4. Oh. Em. Gee. that cookie looks SO good! Which is exactly why I need to stay away from them LOL I can't eat just one (like potato chips!)
    Miss Harper! I can't wait to see her Halloween pics!

    1. Haha sometimes I have that problem! :-P ok all the time.


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