Product Review: Rac it up Caddy

Hello all!

Today I want to tell you about an awesome product, the Rac it up Caddy! 

Until I got this product, I am ashamed to say that my Oral B Spinbrush was sitting in a basket in my bathroom, uncharged and unused. It is because I couldn't keep it with all of the other tooth brushing supplies. It didn't fit and I hated having it laying down on the vanity, because quite frankly, there wasn't enough room. So even though I much prefer using my Spinbrush, I hardly ever did. 

The worst thing about that is my dentist told me at my last checkup that these electric tooth brushes are actually much better at cleaning your teeth than a regular tooth brush. He said it's just common sense, because there is no way that I could make my brush move that much in 2 minutes on my own. 

The Rac it up Caddy has taken the place of my normal toothbrush holder on my vanity. I opted for the round version (but you can also get a square version as well), as my electric tooth brush is round. Casey doesn't have one so it didn't matter that way. I still use it as the holder though, because his regular tooth brush stays in it just fine, as there's a notch in the bottom to help hold it up. I love that my toothbrush is now upright, off the counter, and especially that it's not getting my hair all over it when I'm doing my hair every morning. Gross.

I really like the design, despite not originally believing that it would hold my brush up without toppling over. It's had zero issues with that, it's actually very sturdy! 

My one and only complaint about the Rac it up Caddy is that my brush doesn't actually fit in the hole like the photos on the website suggest it should. It really doesn't even make any difference because the bottom of the brush still fits in some, so it holds it up fine. If it did fit down in the hole, I could even put the charger under it, and it would be charged all the time! (Not sure if you're supposed to keep it on the charger all the time, just a thought!).

A little extra bonus that I didn't realize until I replaced my old toothbrush holder with the Rac it up Caddy, is that it's super easy to clean! The inside of your normal toothbrush holder can get a little nasty over time. My old one was a cheap one from Walmart, and though I tried to clean it by hand, it was not really possible. I don't think it would have survived a round in the dishwasher.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with an electric tooth brush. If you're interested in one, check out the Rac it up Caddy webpage, for more information, and to purchase.

**Disclaimer** These opinions are my own. I received a free caddy in exchange for my honest review.