Island Life {Weekly Recap}

I decided that I really want to continue doing weekly recaps. I stopped for most of the summer, because I couldn't keep up with work, blog, and life in general. Plus I was being lazy a little. Either way, I love doing them, so I'm going to!

I have already talked quite a bit about how this week has been hard due to the horrible tragedy in our community. There have actually been other things happening in the community too, and it's been a really bad week that way. On top of that I was sick on tuesday/wednesday.

By thursday I was much better, thankfully. I started getting ready for our company to come for the weekend.

On friday I binge-cleaned the house. I swear it's true that you get much more done when you know people are coming. I got several things done that I've been meaning to do forever. I don't really feel like I HAVE to clean for our friends to come, but I wanted to. I've been really rather slack lately. Good excuse to get cleaning done!

Friday evening 2 of our friends came on the ferry. We had tacos for supper and then went for a drive around the island. Two more came on the late ferry, so it was a pretty late night! I went to bed before everyone else, thankfully. I don't function on no sleep very well.

Saturday Erin and I went to the market while everyone else stayed home. I love the market, probably more than I should. Oh well. We got cinnamon buns which were awesome.

In the afternoon we took everyone out to the salmon site to show them the salmon (obviously). I'm glad we did it, because everyone really enjoyed it. After that we went for a drive, then a hike around the Swallowtail lighthouse. We watched a seal catch a really big fish. It was pretty neat to watch.

We went to eat at the Lobster Crate take out, which was yummy. I had the lobster roll and onion rings. Most everyone else got a poutine. Then, we took everyone mini golfing, which is always a good time. I came in second. Trent won! (Good job, Trent!).

Harper stayed up at Casey's moms all night, so we had a really late night. We played Munchkin, which was new for Casey and I. I was TERRIBLE at it. Oh well, everyone else had fun. We played through the entire deck of Cards Against Humanity after that. It was SO fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Everyone left on Sunday! Sad day! We only get to see each other once or twice a year. It's been a year for us this time. Hopefully not next time!

On Sunday, Harper went to my dads in the afternoon. They wanted her for the day, so I got some housework done, watched some TV, and went for a run. Not too bad, really!


  1. Grand Manan is so pretty. I want to take a drive over and go on the ferry. Love the lighthouse!


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