Harper is 18 Months! {Mommy Moments}

I can't believe I haven't done an update post about Harper for 6 months! I thought it wouldn't be a big deal and that there wouldn't be many changes but there are so many!

My baby girl is walking, running, jumping, climbing, and dancing all the time. She is so smart and at times so challenging.

Over the course of just a could of weeks, I'm starting to see a huge improvement in her speech. She has really started to imitate me and listen to what is being said to her. You can now say 'okay let's take your shoes off', and she'll sit on the floor and help you get them. She knows what you mean when you say things now. 

Unfortunately, the word no is a bit of a soft spot. Usually leading to tears, no matter how gently or forceful it's said. If not, it leads to a little girl looking you straight in the eye while she continues to do it, slowly but deliberately. Waiting for me to react. Of course I do, so that leads to tears anyway. 

She is so ticklish. Every night when we get her ready for bed she fights us with all her might. Not wanting to be changed. This can usually only resolved with extreme tickling... Which is adorable. 

I am amazed at how smart she is. Finding things she's asked for. Putting puzzle pieces in place. Pointing to the right thing in a book when asked. My living room always looks like a tornado went through, but I love it!

She doesn't love having her diaper changed. I'm not too sure why, but it almost always ends up in her screaming and wriggling and trying to get away. 

Eating is still a challenge most days. She is pretty touch and go with most foods. One day she'll love it and another she'll scream before she even tastes it. 

All I know is, we couldn't be more happy and in love with this little girl. We also can't believe how fast she has grown. It's not fair how quickly it goes. We are so blessed! 

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  1. She is so beautiful! What a lovely little gal.

  2. Aww Happy 18 months Miss Harper! What a cutie she is!

  3. Happy 18 months to your little lady! My son just turned 18 months today and he has many similarities to Harper. Especially the picky eating and not enjoying diaper changes :) This age is so fun! Stopping by from Mommy Moments.

    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/


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