Fitness Friday

This week has been much much much better fitness-wise. I've been able to get out and actually do the things I wanted to do, other than just walk.

On Saturday, we got out and hiked all over Swallow Tail. That's always fun. We saw a few seals and just had fun.

Sunday I got out for a run, which was my first one in almost 2 weeks! Time goes way too quickly and you don't realize it! Even if you plan things out like I do. I only did 3 and 5 minute intervals, just to try and get myself back into it without overdoing it.

Monday I walked. Not a big deal, but it happened anyway.

Tuesday, I went for another run. I did my 5 and 6 minute intervals. I felt really quite good. Almost like I could go up another level. We shall see!

Wednesday I walked again. I can't help it, I like walking with friends.

And finally, yesterday I got the PiYo workouts back out and did upper and lower body. I was totally drenched afterwards, and my arms and legs felt like jello. You don't really feel like it's that bad when you're doing it, but when it's over it's obvious you worked. Hard.

I'm hoping to get in a few runs and a few more PiYo workouts in the upcoming week. Wish me luck!

I talked about my weigh in and eating in this post for Weigh in Wednesday.

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