Feeling Confident as a Mom {Toddler Topics}

If there's one thing that I hate, it's the so called mommy wars. It's the never ending stream of

You should be baby wearing. 

You let your little girl cry it out?! How will she ever trust you?! 

You cloth diaper? Gross! 

Oh, you didn't breast feed? That's horrible, I'm sorry. 

You didn't teach Harper sign language? 

Really, it would be the opposite statements if I had chosen to parent my child any other way.

To me, motherhood, or parenthood for that matter, is about doing what's best for your child and family.

I'm totally winging this parenting thing. I'm pretty sure that we all are, only some of us are more likely to admit it than others.

How do you feel confident as a mom? I'm not really sure I can answer that.

Do I feel confident? At times. Other times I doubt myself.

I suppose the hardest part for me at this stage in Harpers life is what I'm feeding her. It's not like there's an option. She HAS to be fed, but the only thing I can get her to eat well is fruit. Yes, fruit is good, until it causes acidic poop and burns her little bum. This is the area I doubt myself the most. I'm sure she'll be fine in the end, but it bothers me a bit.

There are so many varying opinions and schools of thought surrounding parenting, which is why it makes it do hard. Once someone subscribes to one idea, it seems like they push it on everyone around them.

Check out that rear facing car seat safety ;)

I hate to be all peace, love, and unicorn turds, but can't we just choose to parent our own and leave others to do the same? In a perfect world, I suppose.

I hardly feel like I could give someone any sort of advice other than this:

Do your best you can until you know better, and then do better.


Do what's best for YOUR family.

The thing is, there is a ton of good, solid scientific research out there about babies and children. I mean carseat safety, immunizations, and good dental health practices. Not attachment parenting vs. whatever the heck is the opposite of that.

To me, a good parent, one that should feel confident, is one who does the best that they can for their child. Who doesn't do the best they can for their children? I'm sure there are some, but for the most part we all love our kids and want what's best for them. I feel like if a child is brought up in a safe and loving environment, the rest is just details.

People are always going to, for lack of a better word, hate on you for how you do things. For one reason or other, it's always going to be that way. If your child is safe and loved, ignore them, because it doesn't matter. Be the kind of parent you want to be, and leave them out of it. If it works for you and your family, then it's great.

If you're worrying about whether or not you're a good parent, odds are, you're rocking it.

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  1. I'm not a parent but I LOVE this post. There are FAR too few blogs saying "do what's right for you" as far as parenting (and weight loss, btw) are concerned. So go you! Harper is beautiful!

    (On a CRAZY side note...I had a dream that you and your hubby took a vacation in Indiana [LOL PUH-LEASE] and came to visit me!!! Hahahah it was so random. And I was trying to introduce you to my friends and I was like..um, this is Winter, we've never met, but we read each other's blogs...um..yeah." hahahhaa so weird!

    1. Hahahaha that's great! I don't see us coming to Indiana any time soon, but if you're ever in New Brunswick come see us! Our island is kind of a touristy place!

  2. I totally agree with this! The mommy wars are insane! I feel confident as Mia's mom, and Mia's mom alone. If people ask for advice, I LOVE to share what worked for Mia and I, and they can take it or leave it. But I don't understand why people have the view "it's my way or the highway" and if you aren't doing it their way, with your child, YOU'RE WRONG! Ugh!
    I used to stress so much about Mia's diet until I just learned this past month that they judge babies/toddlers nutrition by the week, not the day. So If there's a day where Mia eats a ton of carbs and not enough veggies, it's okay! We make up for it the next day! (Although I must admit, we have been blessed with a good eater! I'm terrified to have another baby that is a picky one!)


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