Island Life {Weekly Recap}

For the past couple of weeks, I haven't really had a good chance to sit down at the computer for any length of time. I've been attempting to write blog posts from my phone, but I don't want to have my phone out all the time while I'm with Harper.

I've decided to change how I do my weekly recap posts. Since I've been taking part with Fitness Friday, and Weigh in Wednesday, I basically recap most of my week in those two posts. So, I thought that a weekly photo dump would be better. So, here goes!

Breakfast at Coras! 
That breakfast was so good. It could almost be healthy. Almost. Except for the chocolate hazelnut sauce and the sausages and cheese. Oh well!

Tiny frog I found while walking the dogs

Naked baby retrieves her soother from under her crib! 
She wasn't very happy about not being able to get out of there! It was hilarious though! 
Windy beach selfies
She likes to eat sand. She doesn't like the cold ocean yet. One day! 
Sitting on daddy
Evenings jumping on daddy are pretty fun right?!
Tiny baby bunny I saw on my run last night...awww! 
How was your week? Do anything exciting??