Island Life {Weekly Recap}


We actually started the day out with a playdate with a friend and her adorable little boy at the park. The kids don't really get the idea of a play date yet, so the time was spent mostly chasing them and trying to prevent them from eating rocks. After that, Harper and I went for a walk to the beach and back with the dogs. The usual.

After an extremely long (3 hours!) nap, we went to run errands. Since it was the day before a holiday, it took forever to get anything done. We didn't even get home until almost 5. We decided that we didn't want to cook anything, so we went out to eat. I got a taco salad, but was kind of disappointed that it didn't have the home made sauce on it. Which Casey knew about, but didn't tell me.

After supper, Harper went to my aunts house for a bit, and I went for a run with Richi. We did 3 minute and 5 minute intervals with the C25K app, but we went a bit farther to make it a full 5K run, so we added a 3rd 3 minute run interval to the mix. That was my first time actually making it 5K, even though it was a walk/run.


Happy Canada Day!

Harper and I started the day off with going to the pancake breakfast at Seal Cove Baptist Church. It didn't really impress Harper, and it was super hot in there, not to mention crowded, so we ate and ran. We played a bit at home until naptime. I was really sleepy for some reason so I attempted to nap, but wasn't able to.

After naptime, it was time to head down to the Canada day festivities. We went to the beach to see the sand sculptures and had some lunch at the vendors there. Afterwards, we watched the greasy pole for a long time. The greasy pole is a long wooden pole with a barrel on it that they grease up with dish soap, and hang it out over the crick. They stick a Canadian flag at the end, and you have to push off with the barrel and try to get the flag. It's hard, trust me, I tried it a few years back. It's freezing cold when you hit the water too! But, it's an awesome Grand Manan tradition!

After another nap, it was suppertime. I made tuna casserole to have in the fridge, because Harper liked it the last time I made it, and this time she wasn't having it at all. Casey and I had steak, corn on the cob, and salad. After eating, we went up to the softball game for a bit and played on the playground up there. I got the text saying we were going running again, so we left and I went running. We did the same as the night before, but with one more 3 minute run tacked on to the end. Phew!


I worked until 4:30. I picked up Harper and came home for supper. Harper was awful at supper and wouldn't eat anything until finally deciding she wanted what was on MY plate and ate that with me. Oh well, whatever it takes I guess. 

After dinner we played for a bit and then it was time for bed. I went for an easy run with Sheryl and then sat down and caught up with some blogs I had been behind on. 


I worked an 11 hour day actually. It was a little mixed up but it worked for both nurses so it was good. After work I rushed home and got changed and Sheryl and I went to a Scentsy party! It was so much fun! I ordered some amaaaaazing new scents and got myself a really nice warmer/lamp for the computer desk.


After breakfast, Harper and I played and cleaned a little. I got ready, took Harper to her grandmother for a few minutes and had a quick run on the beach with Sheryl and Katrina.

After lunch we went up the island to get a few groceries and run a couple errands with my mom. Harper wasn't super keen on having an afternoon nap. She just wanted to party.

Casey hung out with Harper while I went for an evening run with Richi. Another 5K down. We added a third 5 min run/2 min walk in the middle of the run. It ended up perfectly actually.


We were pounded by Hurricane Arthur all day long. We lost power in the middle of my workout in the morning. We hung out up at Casey's parents all afternoon. We got power back on at around 4 or shortly after. We went home and Harper napped some while we both relaxed. After supper my grandmother came over for a short visit and I got a few chores done after that. We both just relaxed for the rests of the evening.


Harper and I started out the day with a walk to the beach and back with the dogs. You can really see a lot of damage done by the hurricane. Several trees down just on our short walk. Lots of excess water everywhere. Lots of leaning trees too.

After lunch Harper stayed with Casey and I ran to the store for a few things. When I got home, Harper and I played outside for a while, and Casey went to go play baseball. After Harper went for her nap, I got busy making some cupcakes for an order.

We had a quick supper and then went to go for a swim at the pool. It was a little chilly for the girls, so it didn't last too long. Casey, Harper and I went to visit at my dads for a bit. We got home around 8 and Casey put Harper to bed, while I went for another run with Richi. It was so windy on the way back, it made it really difficult! I really hope this wind stops soon! 


  1. What a fun week! hope the wind stops soon !!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to start having some summer fun! :)

  2. What a great weekend it looks like you had...minus the weather!

  3. Looks like a great Canada Day!

    As always, Harper is adorable. :)


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