Fitness Friday

Well it's been a long and kind of crazy week.

After the tragic loss of a young woman in our community, it feels like there is a cloud of sadness over the whole island. Even if you didn't know her personally, you knew her family. It is a terrible loss and I can't even imagine what her family is going through. My heart aches for them. My thoughts are with them often.

Rest Peacefully Danielle

After we got back home from our night in the city, and had a good nights rest (not) I got one day of piyo upper body done. 

Wednesday I worked 12 hours but when I got home I still managed to take my dogs for a 30 minute walk. 

Yesterday I was torn between doing piyo sweat or going for a run, which I haven't done in a week. My decision was made for me when Casey wanted to go golfing, so I stayed home and did piyo after putting Harper to bed. And piyo sweat is no joke! I was definitely sweating!! 

To say I'm frustrated now is an understatement. I got my eating back on track after our trip. I have been drinking over 100 ounces of water a day. I have got my 30 minutes in daily. After a 2.2 pound gain on Wednesday from the week before, I got on the scale this morning (like I do every day), and saw another 0.8 pounds on top of that first gain!!! 

I know it's not a huge gain but still. I was down a bit from the 2.2 gain yesterday, and to see that this morning has made me want to work even harder. I'm going to watch what I eat even closer than I have been (and that's pretty close). I need to get more cardio in, since this last week has lacked that. 

Here's hoping that will get me going back in the right direction!

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