Fitness Friday - I Need My Cardio

Over the past week it's been made apparent to me that I can't go without my cardio if I want to keep losing weight. I went a whole week without running at all - just walking a little, and that, paired with a couple days of bad eating, quickly killed any other effort I was making. I did a few PiYo workouts, but I need my cardio.

I'm starting to really like to run. I used to hate if. I never thought I could ever like it and thought people were totally crazy when they said they liked it. Now, after taking my time and slowly building up my endurance, I can run 5-7 minute stretches without any problem. If you told me 6 months ago that I would be able to run more than 5 minutes, I would have laughed in your face. Rudely. 

So, this for exercise, I've basically ignored my piyo and only gone running and walking. I keep saying I'll do my piyo workout tomorrow, but then it ends up being a nice night and I want to go for a run. Because in Atlantic Canada, you can watch the weather, but it's not necessarily what's going to happen. I've got to find a happy middle ground somewhere with my running and piyo. I shouldn't be afraid to do two workouts in one day, maybe a upper body and a run. Not unrealistic. Right!? 

Running on the boardwalk is always pretty.

Killing it with my steps! 

Sunsets are the best. 

For next week, my goal is to keep running 5 and 6 minute stretches for 5km. Also, I want to do piyo at least 4 times. I think that is realistic. 

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What are your fitness goals this week? Did you meet last weeks goals? 


  1. That boardwalk is incredible! Is that through the entire Island? Love it!

    1. No it's not. It's only about 1.5 KM each way. It's on a nice spot though, right along the coast. It's not all boarded either, just the parts that are marshy and need to be. Otherwise it's a trail. The boards need to be replaced, as they're slippery when it's foggy or after it's rained. They haven't been done since I was a kid.


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