June Challenge Recap

Way back at the first of this month (Seriously, how is it the last day of June already!?) I jumped on board of a challenge with Shannon over at Tatlock's Truth. I made some goals for myself for this past month, and now I want to review to see how I did!

1. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Fail.

I really did try to do this. I did. I think I only got 3 litres like 3 times all month. Although, I got at least 85-90 oz (2.5+ litres) almost every single day. The last few days of the month I did really well, getting over 4 litres one of the days. I did manage to up my water intake by about half a litre a day, which I thought was good progress. 

2. Log everything into MyFitnessPal. Everything. No matter what.  Nailed it. 

I am proud to say I've really made a good habit out of tracking all my food intake. I used to forget entire meals, but not anymore! I always check right before I go to sleep to make SURE I got everything down. I currently have a streak of 154 days of logging in to the MFP app. Yay! 

3. Get 10 000 steps a day logged into my Fitbit.  I'm saying I nailed it. 

Here's why. On the 11th of June, I woke up in the night, suffering from a horrible vertigo. I was nauseated and just not able to sleep all night. I called in sick to work, because I knew I would be useless in the ER that day. They might as well hooked me up to an IV and let me sleep on a stretcher. I ended up getting Casey to get me a whole Gravol and I slept form 6 AM until like 3 PM. Around 7-8 that night I felt myself again. Thankfully! Vertigo is HORRIBLE! And, when I relocated to the couch at 3, I realized my fitbit was totally dead. So I charged it that day, only to find out that it didn't sit on the charger right, so it didn't charge at all! I fixed it and it charged all night, and was back to normal the next day. 

SO! That was the ONLY day all month that I didn't log over 10 000 steps into my FitBit! One day, I even forgot to wear it because it was charging all night, and went for a 3 KM walk, and STILL managed to get 10 000 steps logged! 

4. No snacking after supper. Total and complete fail.

I can't even tell you how badly I failed this one. I just did. I was doing well with it before I actually SAID that I was going to do it too. Sigh, oh well! 

5. Continue running C25K, twice a week. Complete! 

I have been able to average getting out 2 times a week, sometimes 3. Lobster fishing will slow down a bit and Casey will be home more in the evenings now, so it will be slightly easier for me to accomplish now. 

So, overall I think I did really well this month. 3/5 goals completed! I'm really happy with that! I'm just hoping that the changes I've made will help the scale move in the right direction, instead of float around where it has for like 4 weeks. 

Be sure to go check out Tatlock's Truth! Shannon is an amazing inspiration for those looking to lose weight and get healthy! 

How was June for you? Did you complete your goals? 


  1. You did a great job! I logged on MFP for like 160 days and then let is slide for a few days. I know that I should be logging absolutely everything again (because that's how I lost the first 30), but the motivation is a little bit gone!

    1. Thank you :) I hope you can get your motivation back! You can do it!

  2. You are SWEET! Thanks for the shout out!!!!

    You improved on things and you realized you had things to work on! I'm in the same boat. :)


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