Island Life {Weekly Recap}


I worked until 4:30, and then after work, I made supper (while Harper screamed most of the time) and then we ate, and then went outside to play for a bit. After that, it was bath time, and then bed.


Only worked until 3:30. After supper, Harper went to my Aunt Krista's house, and Casey, Caleb, Sable, and I went kayaking for a bit. We paddled over to a random little island with nothing on it. We found a Canada goose nest with 3 eggs in it, and that's about it. On the way back we got to see 5 baby geese too!

Casey and I stopped for ice cream on the way home (nothing like replacing those calories!). I went to get Harper, who had migrated to my grandmothers with my aunt and visited there for a while. Lets just say Harper was a bit late for bed!


Worked until 4:30 again. After work, I picked up Harper, who had already had supper. We went home, and I had supper while she played some. Then we got ready and went for a walk. After the walk, it was time for a bath and then bed!


Worked again until 4:30. After work, Harper and I had supper, and hung out for a while. After she went to bed, I watched TV for a bit, which I never do, and stuffed the clean cloth diapers.


Harper let me sleep in until almost 8 am! It was glorious! It was raining like crazy outside, so we didn't go anywhere. I had a cupcake order to fill, so I made those. Harper was a little cranky so I actually carried her in the Ergo for a bit. After her nap, I took her to Casey's mom so I could go get my hair trimmed.

I drove over to the place where Casey was having lunch and ate with him. After I got home, I finished making the cupcakes, and got ready and went in to work, since I got called in. I worked until 7:30, and after work went for a run with a friend.


Harper slept in until almost 9! It was great! After  breakfast, Casey, Harper and I went for a walk with the dogs. It was such a beautiful day! After our walk, we played for a bit, then it was naptime. I made some frosting during naptime, and showered. Harper slept until almost 2, since she went down really late for her nap.

I delivered cupcakes after Harper woke up, and then I spent a bit of time down at my grandmothers, since I had to return her keys. Afterwards, we spent a while up at Casey's parents. We went out for a graduation party at supper time, and stayed until almost 7. Harper went right to bed, just after 7. Only one nap all day! She was great too!

I had a headache after all the sun, so I laid down for a few minutes after putting Harper to bed, and ended up sleeping until 10! I got up, got ready for bed, read a bit, and went back to sleep. I think I slept for roughly 12 hours. I don't think that's happened since high school!


Another beautiful day! Harper and I played out in the yard after breakfast. I filled up her little kiddie pool and she splashed some but it was quite cold. During naptime, I tried to catch up on some housework, and then showered. We had lunch at Casey's parents, and hung around there for a bit.

After lunch, Caleb, Sable, Ellie, Casey, Harper and I went to the beach for like 45 minutes. Once the girls got into the water, it was all over, since its so cold! We brought Harper home and stripped her off and put her in the kiddie pool to get all the sand off of her. It was much warmer by then!

After her nap, we had supper, and then went down for a small ice cream cone at the Mini Golf. Casey had to go to work, so I took Harper swimming at the pool with Caleb, Sable, and Ellie. After swimming it was  definitely time for a real bath! Then it was bed time! What a full and great day! It was so nice outside! I even went for another run too!


  1. OMG I could pinch those cheeks!!! So adorable! Looks like a great week!!

  2. What a great week. I LOVE to kayak, it is absolutely one of my fave outdoor activities. Harper is so sweet!

    1. It's so much fun! Its kind of scary around here though, the tide is so strong. Just have to be careful :)

  3. She's just the sweetest! :)

    It was a beautiful weekend here too. SO EXCITED summer is just around the corner.

    1. Thank you! You'll have to come down and go kayaking this summer! :)


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