Island Life {Weekly Recap}


Harper and I started the day with a walk to the beach and back with the dogs. It was a beautiful day! After our walk we played outside for a few minutes and then it was nap time. 

After naptime we had lunch and then went for groceries and to run some errands. It always takes most of the afternoon because we save them all up for Monday. 

When we got home Harper went down for a nap and I cooked up a storm. Brownies, ginger snap cookies and hamburger soup. I guess I'm ready for the week! 

Harper and I went to Casey's parents and had supper with his mom and her cousin. Then we went to my dads for a little visit. When we got home, Harper didn't apparently want to go to bed. Or we had missed the perfect time because she cried and fussed for an hour. 

Casey and I finally sat down and watched the Comicbookgirl19 epic history of house baratheon video. If you watch game of thrones at all, I highly recommend you check out her YouTube videos. I promise you won't regret it! 


Harper and I took another morning stroll to the beach and back. When we got pack we played outside for a few minutes. Then it was naptime. 

After lunch we went to the store for a couple of things. We even went and looked at some furniture for fun. After we went to the park for a while and played. 

We had supper and played for a bit and it was bedtime. I went for a run and did my 5 and 3 minute intervals. I want to be comfortable with them before I move up to longer. 


I worked until 4:30. After Harper and I had supper we played for a while, then went out to get ice cream as a family. Harper got a tiny cone of vanilla and ate it with her finger! Haha!

After we put Harper to bed, I got to blog and relax for a bit.


I worked until 4:30 again. After work I picked up Harper and went to get gas. I came home to a clean house. Casey cleaned basically everything since he had some down time. 

After supper went to visit at my dads because they had guests. Friends of theirs from New York. 


I worked until 4:30 again. I went to pick my mom's dogs medicine up after work. I picked up Harper, and we had pan fried fish for dinner. I had mine with a sweet potato and some corn. I forgot I had fiddleheads in the fridge!

After dinner I took my mom to the store for a couple of things and did a couple other errands too.

I got some down time on the computer after Harper went to bed, seems like the only time that ever happens! 


I worked until 4:30. I picked Harper up and went home. We had supper and then went up to Casey's parents because Harper was staying all night. We left for a while to go see if there was anything left at a bake sale I forgot about, and even went for a drive to southern head and walked along the cliffs for a few minutes. When we got back, she was just about to go to bed, so I put her down to bed but she screamed bloody murder until I came back in after her. This happened every time until we finally actually had to leave and go home so that she would go to bed for her grandmother. It's happened one other time before, I would say that we can't be there if she's going to stay all night!


I worked a 12 hour day, so I got home around 8. We picked Harper up and then went down to the mini golf and got ice cream. It was the hottest day we've had so far, and we don't have any kind of air cooling in the hospital, so I was beat.


  1. I seem to only get computer time after HD goes to bed too! Kids!

    1. Haha seriously imposing on our free time, eh?!


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