Island Life {Weekly Recap}


Harper and I went for a morning walk with the dogs to the beach and back. It was really windy but still nice. 

After lunch we went for groceries and to run errands for the afternoon. 

After errands it was time for another nap. I put the groceries away and cleaned up a bit. 

After bedtime I got some more housework down and Casey and I watched the finale of Game of Thrones. 


Started the morning off with a walk, again. It was super sunny until we were heading home. We even stopped by my grandmothers for a little visit.

Harper was rather grumpy most of the day, unfortunately. I'm not sure what her issue was exactly. After morning naptime, we baked some cupcakes to fill an order, and then we went up to the thrift store to see if they had any toys that might be more age appropriate. I didn't find anything, but I did get Harper a couple of cute dresses for a dollar! Score!

I finished off the cupcake order and made a crustless chicken pot pie for supper. It was rather yummy!

We delivered some belated fathers day cupcakes after supper. When we got home, Harper proceeded to scream and scream. Casey even took her upstairs for a bath and she just wouldn't stop crying. I'm not sure what's going on with her, other than her bum is sore again, from an acidic poop burn from WAY too many blueberries.


I worked until 4:30. I got a mole removed off my back that I've been wanting off for a while. After work I went and picked up a healing hazel wood necklace for Harper. Hoping it helps with all the screaming which I'm assuming is teething of some kind. 

Casey was actually home for supper. After supper we went to my grandmothers for a visit while Casey went for a quick round of golf. After, we went home and I got ready and went for a run.


I worked a 12 hour day. Had a good day at work though. Everything went smoothly. After work, I picked up Harper and then got called to see if I would do another shift tomorrow. I arranged things and agreed to do an 8 hour day. I took Harper to Casey's parents house and then got ready and went for what I thought was going to be a walk, but turned out to be a run. No one told me we were running. Oh well, it went really well. Even ran some hills without too much trouble.


Picked up an extra 8 hour shift. Finished at 4:30. Went to get Harper, then went and got changed, picked my mom up and went out to dinner together. It was nice. Harper was really well behaved, I was thankful because no one wants to eat their dinner listening to a screaming child.


Harper and I snuggled in bed for quite a while. We finally got up for breakfast. I went to let the dogs out and bent down to tie Luna and smashed my head on the door. Ouch. Now I've got a small lump and a bruise on my forehead. 

After Casey got home we all got ready and went to the first farmers market. 

After we for home, Harper went down for her nap and so did I. Though I didn't actually fall asleep unfortunately. 

After lunch we went for a walk up the boardwalk and back. We stopped to play on the playground some with Harper too. 

I laid down at the same time Harper did for her nap again. I actually dozed a bit and felt somewhat better after. I've been feeling really overtired and run down. Hoping that my days off bring me some actual rest. Instead of more shifts. 

Casey and I had nachos for supper. And we actually watched Pompeii. We never seem to watch movies anymore! 


Started the day off with a walk with Harper and the dogs. We went up to Casey's parents for lunch and then after Casey has to put a truck on the ferry so we went to the ferry with him and while we waited we went out to the light house for a little hike.

Afterwards we got Ice cream and then brought Harper home for a nap. Casey and I did some housework while she napped and then he went to work for a bit and I made some supper. 

After supper, I went for a run. I was actually able to do 5 minute running intervals! So hard but I did it! 


  1. What a busy week! Sounds like you got some good family time in though, and that's nice. Those cupcakes look AMAZING, and great job on the running!

    1. We always seem to have a busy week! Thank you!

  2. Where are you living? I am from an Island :)

  3. Busy week but looks like a wonderful one! Great job!


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